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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - This question is mostly for Atch, since he's 75 years old, but I'll pretend to ask everybody: can you name a year that saw two better MU-KU basketball games than this? Ridiculous.

2 - Mizzou has had a few days to recover from Saturday; do they send the seniors off with a win against Iowa State? Name the score.

3 - Chelsea Thomas is as good as ever, but when she hasn't been on the mound, Team Stubble has struggled a bit this year. Cause for alarm? Or should a slowish start have been expected with this many new pieces?

4 - Team Pancake or Team Waffle?

The Beef: 1. I mean…I was not a Mizzou fan then (though certainly around), but I would have to imagine the only year that compares would be 1990 (or 1991…cannot remember) when we were both highly ranked. However, that did not come with all the trimmings of Mizzou’s Gameday Saturday night game and then kU’s insanity on Saturday afternoon with the rivalry on the way out and all that. Best two games of the season in the country.

2. Boy you really have to believe so, but ISU is SALTY. I like them to get the win, will call it 72-64 before all is said and done.

3. The defense is really frustrating, but with all the new pieces out there, somewhat expected. Coach E was effusive in his praise of Nottelmann and her improvement in the off season, so I am thinking these are just hiccups. Nice to see the frosh getting some time and gaining some experience (and hopefully confidence) for the season. With three games against conference teams, she is going to not only be relied upon to chew up some innings mid-week, but perhaps also over the weekend.

4. Wow…tough one. I always enjoy waffles, but never make them really. My wife does a nice job with pancakes, so I will lean in that direction

Doug: 1 - Certainly not in the last decade or so. There have been some crazy, close games in Columbia, but nothing like we saw in Lawrence on Saturday in a long time.

2 - I certainly wouldn't bet a mortgage on it, but I think the Tigers will wrap up their home schedule with a 85-65 win.

3 - Um... yeah, it's time to freak out.

4 - This is a tough one. I usually prefer to order pancakes at restaurants, but I'm almost always disappointed. They come out too big, too thick, and too much to eat unless you want to feel bloated all day. Now, I like making pancakes at home, since I can control the portion size. As far as waffles go, sadly the best waffle I've had at a restaurant is at Waffle House. Sadly, Waffle House is not a place you go all the time sober. Ultimately, I'm going to go #teampancake

RPT: Forget the boundaries of the MU/KU rivalry. When was the last time two teams contested two regular season games that good in the same season?

Michael Atchison: I nearly asked the same question. I can’t think of a parallel off the top of my head. Let’s wait to see what Duke and North Carolina do this weekend. Their first game was a reverse image of the Missouri-Kansas games: The road team got the impossible win.

ZouDave: 1 – 1990

2 – We definitely get a win tonight. We won’t blow them out, but we will win. 72-64.

3 - #TrustTheStubble. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

4 – Team Pancake. And in that vein, Team IHOP over Team Waffle House

The Beef: Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Ihop, but once upon a time, back in probably the mid/late 90’s, some friends and I headed to a KC Wiz game and on the way back stopped at a Waffle House. They had an ALL YOU CAN EAT MENU…I think we figured out that the 6 of us ate somewhere north of $200 worth of food that evening before finally slogging back to Columbia.

ZouDave: Wow…I picked the same score as the Beef. That’s either a really good sign, or a sign of the apocalypse.

The Beef:

Bill C.: "Forget the boundaries of the MU/KU rivalry. When was the last time two teams contested two regular season games that good in the same season?"

Duke-UNC, every year, ever. /WWL'd.

1. Even in 1990, the two games weren't as close. No. 4 Mizzou beat No. 1 Kansas by eight at home, then No. 2 Mizzou beat No. 1 Kansas by six in Lawrence. In terms of rankings, the stakes were SLIGHTLY higher then, but this year's games themselves probably beat 1990. And if they beat 1990, then … this may have been the best pair of MU-KU games ever, right? In 1987, Mizzou won by three at home and lost by one on the road, so that may be some stiff competition, but neither team was ranked in either battle.

2. What makes me confident is not only that Mizzou beat ISU by seven in Ames, but they did so despite a) shooting very poorly (particularly on 3-pointers) and b) Iowa State shooting very well. Spoiler alert, but I ditto'd Pomeroy's 80-70 prediction.

3. The defense worries me, just because, in my head, experience doesn't fix defense as much as it does offense and pitching. And there were so many errors this weekend. That said, Mizzou is still dominant when Chelsea's on the mound, so it's nice to have that in your back pocket. And it just blows my mind that she's still just a (redshirt) junior.

4. Pancakes, and it's not close. I love waffles, but ... pancakes, and it's not close.

ZouDave: "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. It smells like…..Denmoney."

Michael Atchison: Just a guess, but perhaps Alton gets his waffles at fancier places than we do.

I don’t have any recollection of the 1987 game at Lawrence, but the three-point win in Columbia came on a three-pointer at the buzzer. If the game in Lawrence had a comparable ending, 1987 should go on the list, but it still wouldn’t top 2012. The fact that this was The End makes it untouchable.

RPT: The End is untouchable.

Who wants to take a swing at that phrase? Any of you married guys?

The Beef: Considering the random times my wife reads this site….no

ZouDave: Since I know we’re all such huge The Doors fans….

SleepyFloyd7: 1 - I am relatively new to this whole Mizzou thing - having been non-partisan until I moved to CoMo in 2005. That being said, Feb 4 and Feb 25 are on my Sports Life Mt. Rushmore.

2 - I think the Tigers win. John Sundvold said this week "The last home game, you never get that back, you never get to do that again. It’s an emotional night, and you try to make it a memorable night."

3 - I am not allowed to say anything bad about the #Stubbles. Chelsea Thomas would cave in my head with a riseball. They will be fine.

4 - Team Pancake or Team Waffle?

Put me on #TeamDutchBaby

D-Sing: 1. Nope. I haven't. It was nerve wracking, joyous and painful both times. Edge of the seat thrillers. And it was a foul at the end of regulation, but you won't see that call made on the road at all. Ever.

2. Mizzou beats Iowa State 85-75.

3. Not going to panic about the defense at this point, but if the bad fielding continues over the next couple of series, then it'll be time to unearth the panic button. I'll chalk it up to a slowish start.

4. I love Alton Brown. Big fan. But I will respectfully disagree with him on this point. Hell, he didn't even think waffles were a big enough deal to do them until season (cycle) nine of Good Eats. Pancakes got handled in season three. I like waffles (and have become a bit of a fan of chicken and waffles at home) but pancakes win.

Michael Atchison: We can’t get a good argument going about waffles and pancakes? I don’t know who we are anymore.

The Beef: I feel like I WANT to like waffles more…but I just cannot bring myself to do so. God knows I ate a ton of them right out of college, and I do love a good Belgian waffle with fresh fruit and maybe even ice cream or whipped cream. But in the end, pancakes are just much more reliable and consistent. Function over flash I guess in the end

ghtd36: I once again channel Saint Mitch Hedberg, who once stated:

"As a comedian, you have to start the show strong and you have to end the show strong. Those are the two key elements. You can't be like pancakes... all exciting at first, but then by the end you're f**kin' sick of em."

SleepyFloyd7: Mythbusters?
Rube Goldberg machine contests?

I almost Giada'd

The Beef: Seriously? Two straight days of white sauce references?

ZouDave: So who should start tonight? Do you go with the same lineup we’ve started all year, or do you let STEEEEEVE start in place of Flip and send Flip to the scorer’s table as soon as the game starts? And when do you put in Sutton?

SleepyFloyd7: Haith has put out the same starting lineup 29 times this year. I think he will do it again. But look for Sutton to get some minutes at then end of the 1st half.

Michael Atchison: Apropos of nothing, I just stumbled upon this photo of Racquel Welch, taken last week. She’s 71, which makes her almost old enough for me to date.

The Beef: So there is a strange amount going on in that overall photo

Bill C.: Yeah, um ... yeah.