Mizzou can win SEC and BCS title

Cool opinionated article with facts to back it up on why Mizzou can win the SEC, BCS national title. It is a long read but definately worth it for a MIzzou fan. Check it out.

Why Missouri Will Win The SEC East, SEC, and BCS National Title in 2012. (I am Sorry, Somehow Tebow Makes His Way Into This Article)

As the basketball team starts to take the spotlight and hopes of their own National Title and Big 12 title before they leave the conference, it is all said and done for the football team in the Big 12. Recruiting day put a lot of smiles on folks faces as DGB, the nations top recruit, stayed home. Right afterwards fans flooded message boards and twitter about the factor Mizzou is now an elite team. Of course, as fans we are going to say that no matter what and the media probably still wants to beg to differ. But let's look at this at a realistic stand point. Is DGB going to bring us home a national title? Well it sure in the hell isn't going to hurt. If anything DGB is just going to make it a bit easier. Missouri had a good shot at winning the SEC before this happened and I am going to break it down game by game for you.
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