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Rock M Nation Podcast! No, Really!

For the first time since the Moe Miracle, RPT and I met up on Skype yesterday afternoon for an official, honest-to-god podcast. See? All it takes is a change in conference affiliation, a coaching change, a shocking run in basketball, a major football signing, a few fantastic wins, and the potential end of a classic rivalry to get us to do another one.

In today's (yesterday's) podcast, we discuss the following:

  1. Mizzou 74, Kansas 71
  2. Mizzou at Oklahoma
  3. The rest of the Big 12 schedule
  4. Fhaith
  5. Dorial Green-Beckham
  6. Mizzou football recruiting in general
  7. Other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting here

But most importantly ... we need a new name. As our three listeners remember, this used to be called the Fastest 40 Minutes In Podcasting. For very obvious reasons, that isn't a relevant name anymore. We are taking suggestions in the comments section.