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Mizzou Links, 2-8-12

ELVIS! (Photo via Bill Carter.)
ELVIS! (Photo via Bill Carter.)

Kind of an odd day of football-centric links smack in the middle of basketball's stretch run ... but like I'm really going to complain about that...

Mizzou Football Links

How anxious is Elvis Fisher to play again? His dad @FisherFiles tells me: "He's itching to hit somebody."
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  • ELVIS!
    The Trib: Missouri's Fisher cleared to return for sixth year
    KC Star (Campus Corner): Fisher granted sixth year of eligibility
  • SEC!
    Post-Dispatch (Bryan Burwell): Pinkel looks forward to next big step in SEC

    But here he was doing just that and he couldn't help himself. A room full of giddy boosters were upstairs at a private dinner inside the Edward Jones building in Des Peres, and they couldn't wait to hear Pinkel reflect on one of the seminal moments in Mizzou football history. What does it all mean when MU football is good enough to go big-game hunting on the high school recruiting trail and come away with the biggest prize of them all? What does it mean when his primary professional life's mission — making Missouri football stand for something special — is so close he can almost taste it?

    What does it mean when Pinkel knows that over the past few weeks, a series of fortunate events keep happening to MU athletics, giving the football and basketball programs maximum brand-name exposure?

    "It's been a pretty good few weeks for us, hasn't it?" Pinkel said Tuesday evening just before the annual Football Recruiting Night dinner with the St. Louis Tiger Club. "After (the nation's top football recruit Dorial Green-Beckham) made that announcement that he was signing with us on national TV, (director of athletics) Mike Alden came over to me and sat down. His eyes were watering a little bit and said to me 'Remember the Michigan State game?'"

  • DGB Dorial Green-Beckham offers blueprint on how to handle recruiting
  • The Effects Of DGB (And Other Successes)
    PowerMizzou: From Regional to National
  • Still Not Sure About This, But We'll See
    The Missourian: Tiger Town location proposed for area north of Elm Street
  • Gabs
    Pro Football Weekly: Maurice Jones-Drew thinks Blaine Gabbert will learn from adversity
  • Spencer Hall Hates Mizzou's Hexagonal Weights

Other Football Links

  • Playoffs
    SB Nation: Big Ten's College Football Playoff Support May Actually Be Real
    Team Speed Kills: BIg Ten Might Jump on the Playoff Bandwagon
    Senator Blutarsky: The Super Bowl Is Not An Argument Against (Some) Playoffs

SEC (And Other Conferences)

Mizzou Basketball Links

Other Basketball Links

Other Mizzou Links


  • USMNT (Sort Of)
    Dirty Tackle: Bob Bradley is standing up as a leader of Egypt