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Mizzou Links, 3-13-12


And since I got slaughtered and never actually created the second links post yesterday, you get an inordinately large Tuesday links post instead. There are worse things in the world, right?

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Tickets! Get Yer Tickets! Wait, What's That? Nevermind
    The Trib: Limited tickets for Tigers go fast
  • Tigers Ready
    The Missourian: Coach Frank Haith says Missouri is ready for NCAA Tournament
    KC Star: Missouri well aware of Norfolk State's height
    Post-Dispatch: MU opponent is in tournament for first time
    PowerMizzou: Tigers ready to start tourney journey
  • SOS
    Fox Sports MW: Missouri makes no apologies for schedule
    Post-Dispatch (Bernie Miklasz): The Skinny on NCAA tournament

    * Mizzou fans shouldn't be steamed at the Tigers being seeded No. 8 overall. I looked at the teams in the West to see how they rank compared to the other teams in the tournament with the same seeds. Michigan State, Missouri, New Mexico, Florida, St. Louis U, Louisville, Long Beach State and Norfolk State were all rated fourth among the four teams that share the same seed. Memphis, Virginia and Murray State were each third among teams with the same seed. If you go by this, Missouri is in the softest of the four regions. One caveat: certainly we're not suggesting that the committee got all of these seedings right, but we're just using it as a barometer.

    * This is always a tournament of matchups, so Missouri fans shouldn't stress over seedings. Missouri has a favorable draw for matchups. They are mostly in with similar teams that can shoot, and run, and MU's lack of height and bulk shouldn't be an issue, at least not to the extent where the Tigers are facing a major disadvantage. During Big 12 play, Missouri went 3-0 against a Baylor team that's ranked No. 9 in the nation in Ken Pomeroy's "effective height" rating at Kansas State, which did beat Missouri twice, was ranked 20th in the nation in effective height. And Kansas was No. 48 in effective height according to Pomeroy.

  • Predictions And Whatnot
    SB Nation (Self-Share!): NCAA Bracket Predictions: In Which Florida State Makes The Final Four
    SB Nation New York: NCAA Tournament Predictions: 15 Rules To Follow (2012 Edition)
    SB Nation: Amy K. Nelson Talks NCAA Tournament with Kenny Smith
    Post-Dispatch: Has the Tigers' time finally come?
    The Dagger: Five programs that could make a run to their first Final Four this month
  • Big 12
    Bring On The Cats: NCAA Tourney: Did the Big 12 get enough respect?

Oh Yeah, and ... win a free McAllister's lunch!

Other Basketball Links

  • Poor Big East
    Grantland: Watching the demise of a once-mighty basketball super-conference

Mizzou Football Links

  • Friday Practice Reports
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Friday's spring practice report

    I’ve noticed more of Jaleel Clark and Gahn McGaffie through the first couple days. Both are making good use of their chances in the slot positions and making plays downfield. I talked to receivers coach Andy Hill on Thursday about trying to figure out a rotation from all the returning players in his group. He talked a lot about urgency. "You've got to understand we're trying to get the ball to you," Hill said. "You better fight, scratch and claw to get open instead of just going 'Ok, here's my route. I go 10 yards and then I go out.' That's over with.'

  • Saturday Practice Reports
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Tigers put on the pads
    PowerMizzou: A hard-hitting Saturday

    Jimmie Hunt continues to make the most of his opportunity. Hunt dropped a pass or two on Saturday, but it seems like he's developing quite a rapport with James Franklin. Hunt is getting plenty of balls thrown his direction, and for the most part, he isn't disappointing.

    Hunt isn't the only under-the-radar receiver getting attention. Gahn McGaffie looks as solid as any receiver so far this spring, and he's been a hassle for linebackers to cover out of his slot position. One of McGaffie's go-to moves is spinning the opposite direction after catching a ball over the middle with a linebacker too far off his hip. He's added plenty of yards to his catches with that crafty maneuver. Is McGaffie going to start ahead of T.J. Moe, who he backs up? No, probably not. But McGaffie's maturity and consistency means Moe will have a very capable back-up.

  • QB No. 1 James Franklin looking to be safer in 2012
  • DGB
    The Missourian: Dorial Green-Beckham and his family relieved that hoopla has passed
  • Receivers Not Named DGB
    The Trib: Tigers receivers attempt to give notice in spring James Franklin not worried about receivers
  • Good, Now Stay Healthy
    The Trib: Tigers like way Will Ebner looks in early practices
  • One Way To Make The News...
    SB Nation: Mizzou's Ashton Glaser Arrested After Being Punched
    The Trib: Backup MU QB arrested for warrants

Other Football Links

Mizzou Softball Links

Oh, the ever quotable Coach Stubble...

  • Mizzou 14, Alcorn State 1
    Mizzou 8, Boise State 0 No. 12 Mizzou Blasts Lady Braves, Broncos
    The Trib: MU makes quick work of visitors

    Missouri lost nine seniors to graduation last year, including offensive spark Rhea Taylor, who was named to the 2011 USA Softball team. But, that doesn't mean the offense has slowed down. Roth, a freshman, is on an 11-game hitting streak.

    "We knew four or five of these freshmen are going to have to do good things for us to win this year," Missouri Coach Ehren Earleywine said. "The first weekend we played they were just nonexistent, and I was thinking, 'Oh my gosh, here we go. I've recruited the wrong kids.'

    "Slowly but surely they've done better each weekend, and now I think you're seeing some kids starting to get comfortable "

    The Missourian: Missouri freshmen thrive in Tigers' two wins Friday
    PowerMizzou: Softball sweeps home opening double dip
    KBIA Sports Extra: Mizzou softball dominates Alcorn State and Boise State in home opener
  • Mizzou 9, Alcorn State 1
    Mizzou 8, Boise State 0 Softball Wins Two More at DeMarini Invitational
    The Missourian: Chelsea Thomas leads Missouri to another doubleheader sweep
    KBIA Sports Extra: Mizzou softball wins two, including Earleywine's 400th career win
  • Mizzou 9, Alcorn State 0
    Mizzou 8, Northern Illinois 0 Mizzou Finishes 6-0 at DeMarini Invitational
    The Missourian: Missouri completes perfect weekend with two run-rule wins
    KBIA Sports Extra: No. 12 Missouri sweeps DeMarini Invitational with six run-rule victories
  • Next Up Softball Faces Future SEC Foe Arkansas on Wednesday

Mizzou Baseball Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Wrestling Wrestling Ready for Nationals in St. Louis
    The Missourian: Intensity fuels Missouri wrestler Mike Larson
    Post-Dispatch: Soaring MU wrestling program soon will be homeless
  • Mizzou Gymnastics Tigers Finish Strong at Tornado Relief Meet
    The Missourian: Missouri loses to Alabama in Tuscaloosa
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball
    The Trib: Missouri women can't finish upset bid at Big 12 Tournament
    The Missourian: Uncertainty lingers for Missouri
    The Missourian: Missouri recruit named state's Gatorade Player of the Year
  • Mizzou Men's Golf Men's Golf in Third after First Day at The Farms Invitational


  • GIFs, GIFs, GIFs
    SB Nation: The GIF Bracket: The Quest For The Greatest Animated Sports GIF Of All Time
  • Balotelli!
    The Guardian: Noel Gallagher Interviews Manchester City's Mario Balotelli