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Rock M Roundtable, Community Edition!

Here at Rock M Nation, we refuse to mess with what works. A community Roundtable did the trick last week, leading to a Big 12 Tournament title, and we will break it out again this week. Consider this your live thread for the evening's First Four festivities ... or whatever else you are watching instead.

1. Florida can match Missouri, basket for basket, and Virginia plays the "slow it waaaaay down, grab every rebound, and occasionally think about scoring" routine almost as well as anybody in the tournament field. If Missouri is lucky enough to get past Norfolk State in the Round of 64, who would you rather face in the Round of 32?

2. Give me your darkhorse (i.e. sixth seed or lower) Final Four pick in this year's NCAA Tournament.

3. Who will be the first No. 1 seed to fall in the NCAA Tournament?

4. Is the Mizzou Basketball team going to a Final Four in 2012?