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Mizzou Links, 3-16-12


Mizzou Basketball Links

  • NSU Tigers Meet the Press in Omaha
    The Missourian: Get to know Missouri's NCAA Tournament opponent: Norfolk State Spartans
    The Missourian: Missouri ready for NCAA Tournament schedule
    Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's toughest tourney opponent may be itself
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Madness Begins
    Mizzou Network: Phil Pressey Previews Norfolk
  • Everybody's Fine
    The Trib: Denmon, English not letting injuries slow them down
    KC Star: Kim English's senior season speaks loudly
    Post-Dispatch: Marcus Denmon lets his play do the talking for him

    Serious is what makes Denmon so intriguing to watch. He is so hellbent on playing well, so locked in on bringing that business-like demeanor to everything he does on the basketball court that nothing seems to faze him. Remember that seven-game shooting slump Denmon went through in late January, when his outside shot wouldn't fall? A lot of natural shooters would have turned that ugly shooting stretch into a mental crisis, tinkering with mechanics and pressing to the point of a maddening distraction.

    But the tough-minded Denmon didn't spend too much time fretting over when the light would come back on and he would be back in his shooter's groove.

    "To be honest with you, my attitude is kind of messed up," Denmon said. "No matter how bad I have been shooting, I always go into every game thinking I'm going to be hot. It never changes."

    But here's what separates Denmon from shameless gunners who will keep hoisting up ugly bricks regardless of how much damage they're doing to rims, backboards and shooting percentages: Denmon dug out of his slump by beating opponents off the dribble. How many times has he flown into heavy traffic and pulled off some degree-of-difficulty layup in the lane that converts into free throws by the dozens?

    Post-Dispatch: Fortune has favored Mizzou this season
  • Fhath
    The Missourian: Haith's personality easy to see in style of Missouri basketball team

    Haith coaches with purpose, stressing the "process" to his players and how important preparation is for each and every game. So far this season, the "process" has worked. The Tigers are ranked No. 3 in the country and are a No. 2 seed in the NCAA tournament, the team's best seed since 1994.

    All of his players have completely bought into the process, often echoing Haith's words about preparation, focus and hard work in postgame news conferences.

    "Coach is real intense. He's a really focused guy," senior Matt Pressey said. "Coaches kind of imitate what their teams should look like, and he's done a good job of teaching us the right things. We've kind of taken on the characteristics of him."

    Mizzou Network: Haith One on One
  • That Damned Cloud
    The Trib: In otherwise sunny season, Miami clouds linger for Haith
  • Who?
    KC Star: Painter doesn't wonder what-if after staying at Purdue
    Post-Dispatch: Purdue's Painter happy for MU, Haith
  • Begging For Trouble
    KC Star: Old rivals sharing close quarters in Omaha

Other Basketball Links

  • Some (Mostly) Fun NCAA Tournament Links When the NCAA tournament became Madness
    Pre-Snap Read: Officiating, Bad Officiating and Syracuse
    Austin American-Statesman: Horns brace for Cincinnati by expecting a Missouri-like opponent
    The Dagger: Southern Miss band chants 'where's your green card?' to Puerto Rican Kansas State player

Mizzou Football Links

  • QB No. 1
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Tigers move on with James Franklin sidelined

    Franklin is definitely ruled out of Saturday's scrimmage and will be re-evaluated next week but will likely sit out next week's Tuesday and Thursday practices, too. Then the team takes a week off for spring break, and there's a chance, Yost said, Franklin could be cleared to practice when the team returns to practice April 3. Or he might not be cleared until the following week, the final week of spring practices.

    Either way, Yost didn't seem too concerned about the work Franklin will miss. The second-year starter had two strong full-pads practices Saturday and Tuesday, Yost said, but he expects Franklin to experience what he called "a pause in his development," should he miss a few weeks.

    "Depending on when he gets back," Yost said, "whether it's after spring break or the last week or whenever it was, we can pick up where he was at and he can continue through the summer and in two-a-days, which will be the big push for us to advance as far as we can. But he's made great strides as a thrower and as a quarterback and understanding what we want to do the timing and how we do things."

    PowerMizzou: Move 'em over, move 'em up

    Corbin Berkstresser assumes command of the No. 1-quarterback spot until Franklin recovers. Now, Berkstresser really gets an up-close look for the first time since he arrived on campus last June.

    One big thing that stood out on Thursday (as it has since Berkstresser arrived) is just how big his arm is. Without a doubt, Berkstresser has the strongest arm on the team, and it appeared like the top unit of receivers had to adjust to the increased velocity on Thursday. During one-on-one passing drills, there were a few early drops, mainly on short crossing routes. Toward the end of that session, however, the receivers and Berkstresser found a rhythm, and he threw two touchdown passes on his final three throws.

    That rhythm carried over to seven-on-seven. Berkstresser rifled a throw to Washington down the seasm around 25 yards from the line of scrimmage. Washington jumped in between Kenronte Walker and Kip Edwards to come down with the ball. It was a perfect throw where only the receiver could get to it. Later in that same session, Berkstresser just overthrew Washington who was running a few steps free of his defender. If completed, it would have been a sure touchdown. The pass itself was around 40 yards in the air.

  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Mizzou impresses Christian Lacoutre

Other Football Links

    MGoBlog: Rank the Coaches: Talent Evaluation and Player Development
  • Terrifying
    SB Nation (Spencer Hall): This Week In Important Science: What Would Make The Loudest Football Stadium Possible?

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Wrestling Mizzou Advances Three in Championship Bracket Haynes Advances to Quarterfinals
    KBIA Sports Extra: First session results from NCAA wrestling tournament in St. Louis
  • Mizzou Softball No. 12 Softball Kicks Off Conference with Jayhawks
    The Missourian: Missouri heads into Big 12 Conference play
  • Mizzou Baseball HI NOTES: EA, UND Game Day: High Point of the Season
  • Mizzou Gymnastics Event Rotations Announced for 2012 Big 12 Gymnastics Championship
    The Missourian: Internal competition strengthens Missouri gymnastics team
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball
    The Missourian: Missouri looks ahead to offseason
  • Mizzou Swimming & Diving Mizzou 10th After First Day of NCAA's