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Mizzou Links, 3-20-12

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Mizzou Basketball Links

Last week, my mother was asking me when the national coach of the year award is announced. I said there are about 16 different "national" awards (coach of the year awards are like football national titles from the 1930s -- you end up with 13 different parties celebrating a win) and that as long as Haith won one of them, all was well. Well ... congrats, Coach Haith, for winning the only one that matters (as of this moment). Frank Haith: National Coach Of The Year.

  • C.O.Y. Frank Haith Named USBWA National Coach of the Year
    Big 12 Sports: MU's Haith Wins Henry Iba Award
    The Trib: Haith is national coach of the year
    KC Star: Mizzou's Haith wins Iba coach of year award
  • Still Sighing
    PowerMizzou: Powered Up: An end far too early

Other Basketball Links

As I mentioned last week, Duquesne is on my long list of St. Bonaventures, the teams I root for for no apparent reason. Well ... now I have a reason.

  • Nice
    The Dagger: One of the NCAA Tournament's best assists came off the court

Mizzou Football Links

As long as -- AS LONG AS -- James Franklin is healthy for the start of the 2012 football season, then I have no problem with yesterday's announcement that he is out for the rest of spring with shoulder surgery. It seems like awful news, but we kind of know what Franklin can deliver at this point. Reps would have been nice, but getting high-leverage reps for the backup, really, are just as nice. Corbin Berkstresser will get a lot of attention and opportunity over the next four weeks, and that's a perfectly good thing. AS LONG AS Franklin is back and healthy in five months. Obviously shoulder surgery could be a concern for a quarterback already not exactly known for having a hand cannon, but I have no reason to worry about that just yet, so I'm not going to.

(That said ... good lord has it been a stupid 12 months for Mizzou football injuries...)

Other Football Links

Part 1 of 124 is in the books at SB Nation. I shouldn't be as giddy about taking on this overwhelming project as I am, but I am.

SEC, Etc.

Congrats to The Trib's David Briggs for taking a job with the Toledo Blade. He is now part of the Ohio State beat, and the Trib loses a quality writer. But what appears to be his last story with the Trib (Sunday's SEC-Big 12 e-mails story) was a good one.

  • Big 12
    The Trib: Key to Big 12 survival is ancient history

Other Mizzou Links

There are some struggling Big 12 baseball teams this year...

  • Mizzou Baseball Mizzou Baseball Offers Ticket Specials This Weekend HI NOTES: Looking back at High Point, Looking ahead at Big 12 in '12