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Rock M Roundtable!

Bill C.: 1 - Give me your Final Four predictions.

2 - So last week we walked through the acceptance stage of grief and took an extended look at Missouri's Offseason To-Do List. Knowing everything you know (and don't) about next year's team -- Flip and Dixon, 3-point defense, transfers, Laurence Bowers' return, the fact that Devonta Pollard and Alex Oriakhi are still floating around as possibilities -- give me your up-to-the-moment prediction for where Mizzou will place in the SEC next year.

3 - Softball question! So Texas A&M basically got two good swings on Chelsea Thomas last weekend but won two of three versus Missouri anyway. It appears that, once again, Mizzou's pitching is great but their offense is only good (and can therefore be shut down by great pitching, of which there is plenty in the Big 12). Here's a hypothetical, then: would you be willing to sacrifice a little of the great pitching for better offense? Or would it be better to just ride out the great pitching and hope for the best? Obviously the latter is what will happen, but what would be your preference? (Doug: feel free to just answer with a New Mexico restaurant recommendation.)

4 - So the Rock M YouTube channel is slowly getting off the ground. Let's say you have control of 15 minutes of programming. Tell me how you use it.

RPT: 1. Four teams will play a total of three games. Points will be scored. Confetti will fall. Fans will make bad decisions in New Orleans. I will crave etouffee at some point.

2. Have we even determined how the SEC will rank teams next year? Will divisional alignments be involved? Missouri could conceivably be fourth in the SEC East and fourth in the entire conference.

3. Always take the pitching in softball. If the entire series hinged on two good swings, you take the odds and hope that your team is the one that finds those couple of swings in future series.

4. Breakdown:

- 5 minutes of football talk (even in the middle of basketball season)
- 2 minutes of The Beef's World Famous All-Sports Report
- 2 minutes of Atch discussing something in a leather chair while in a smoker's jacket and holding a pipe
- 0.13 seconds of TigerBartender polishing off a carbomb
- 3:59.87 of Ehren Earleywine and Pete D'Amour railing against the softball establishment
- 2 minutes of Bill's cat

The Beef: 1 - I will go with Kentucky over L’ville, kU over Ohio State and Kentucky for the win. That will get my third in my office pool, and I am fine with that.

2 - I don’t start paying attention to SEC basketball until July 1, 2012....get back to me then J

3 - I have to agree with RPT on this one. The offense has put up solid numbers, albeit against some less than solid teams. The youngsters have to learn how to produce in big games, but as long as the pitching is there, I have to believe we are always going to be in the hunt for it all.

4 - I am not entirely sure Bill C. actually took the shot. He really seemed to limp to the plate on that one, so I would think each show will need to start with the host(s) taking a shot. Probably should finish that way also.

Doug: 1 - Ugh... I don't want to. Suffice to say, I think there's a decent chance the Louisville-Kentucky game is so emotional, that it opens the door for the winner of Ohio State-Kansas to sneak in and grab the title even if the Wildcats advance to Monday.

2 - With 12 teams I thought they did split the rankings by divisions when it came to setting up the conference tournament. I don't see why they would stop doing that. With that in mind, I think Missouri has a opportunity to do very well in SEC basketball, if Frank Haith can actually build a team on his own.

3 - Found a local place here called Golden Pride. They're claim to fame is their rotisserie chicken which was really good, but they also do a good job with ribs, plus it was really fast and not to expensive. Also, when you through New Mexico and you need a breakfast burrito, Blakes Lotaburger. I'm preferential to the sausage with green.

4 - This Week in Obscure Music You've Never Heard Of with Atch

The Perfect Tailgate with Beef

Goddamn it's Early with The Boy and His Daughter

Copyright Infringement Highlight Videos by Dave

Big 12 Week in Review by... Hey! Where are you all going?

RPT: 80 percent of our current readership is going to be really confused as to who The Boy is.

The Beef: Especially since another 10% keep waiting around for Okie Tiger to show back up

RPT: Good point, BEEFCAKE (was there an exclamation point in there, or am I making that up?)

The Beef: BEEFCAKE!! actually...two exclamation points, unless I am wrong about that might remember better than I.

Doug: Are we talking about the correct scripting from an episode of South Park? I feel like there was at least one exclamation point there. Someone should post on Tigerboard to find out for sure.

Michael Atchison: 1. Kentucky over Ohio State in the final, 74-66.

2. If everything breaks the right way (Mizzou gets Pollard and Oriahki, Beal leaves Florida for the NBA, everyone leaves Kentucky for the NBA and Kentucky fails to sign Shabazz Muhammed and Nerlens Noel, and Taylor/Ezeli/Tinsley aren’t granted extra years of eligibility at Vandy), the Tigers could be the best team in the league. If Kentucky gets Muhammed and Noel, they continue as college basketball’s Menudo, staying eternally eighteen years old and completely dominant. I’m going to assume that Kentucky reloads, and I’m not going to assume that the Tigers get both guys currently being talked about. That puts them as the third-place team in the SEC and a four-seed in the NCAA.

3. Are you asking me to give genuinely sophisticated softball analysis? Can’t I just write another check to the Tremendous Stubble foundation?

4. I want a full 15-minute animated Better Know Your New Conference.

The Beef: "3. Are you asking me to give genuinely sophisticated softball analysis? Can’t I just write another check to the Tremendous Stubble foundation?"

That time will come...that time will come

ZouDave: 1 – Kentucky over kansas in the final.

2 – I think Mizzou will probably be Top 4 in the SEC next year, but that’s about as educated a guess as my predictions for who is going to win the election in November. I really have no idea, I haven’t paid that much attention yet, and I don’t know much about the candidates to be honest.

3 – Always go with great pitching. Hitting can happen and can get better, but you can never have enough good pitching.

4 – Why, playing "The ZouDave Music Hour" of course! EVERYONE loves my music taste, especially on YouTube!

SleepyFloyd7: 1 - I think it's all about Kentucky. Doug said he hoped the Bourbon State Battle on (or near) Bourbon St. would be so emotional that it might open the door for the OSU/KU winner to cut down the nets. The emotions will be off the charts for the fans, hell, Kentucky is on fire as we speak! For the players, the emotions fade once the game gets going. Louisville has been so good on D all year, but Kentucky in transition neutralizes enough of that to make the difference. Cats over Buckeyes on Monday night.

2 - I'll go with Atch here.

3 - Chelsea is the best in the business. The hits will come. I am VERY interested to see what these ladies have waiting in the weeds for Whitney Canyon and the Baylor Bears this weekend.

4 - The first segment will be "Uniform Talk" followed by...oh, we're out of time? Sorry, Jack Hannah, we have to bump you to another night.

SleepyFloyd7: Um, I think this is real

From HERE. Discuss

Doug: I still have all my eligibility. Who else is in?

The Beef: I wish I was a little bit taller......

ZouDave: I’m not 6’1", and I’m down 32.4 lbs since 1/2/12 so I’m getting close to not qualifying for the weight category either.

Other than that, sign me the eff up.

SleepyFloyd7: I'm 6-1 (in cleats).

The Beef: I would need REALLY big stiletto cleats or something

Doug: Well, that's a mental image that will never leave my head.


The Beef: Wow....seems like more than I need, but that would help me with my combine measurables, so I am for it

Doug: And the swimsuit competition.

That's part of the try-out process at Miami, right?


SleepyFloyd7: Those would really make your calves pop.

Possibly an Achilles too.

ghtd36: Let's, for a moment, ignore the political aspect of this ( and just LOL the day away.

The Beef: Didn’t James bully dead hookers or something? I thought I read that somewhere....

D-Sing: . Both games have potentials to be classics (or maybe that is wishful thinking), but I'll go with Kentucky and Kansas to advance to the finals, with Calipari finally winning the big one. But it shouldn't be a walkover in either game.

2. I can't place Missouri any higher than maybe 3rd right now, but probably 5th or 6th. And that's being optimistic, I think. There was a 3 way tie for second in the SEC this season, with Tennessee actually being the number 2 seed. It is based strictly on record, but the schedule was done based off of football divisions, if I recall.

3. Ride out the great pitching and hope for the best. If it takes two good swings to win a series, so be it.

4. Five minutes of information (sports, news, etc). Five minutes of humor from Tepper. And five minutes of this:

(90 minutes later…)

The Beef: And just so D-Sing does not feel like he killed the Roundtable today...

From the STL Post-Dispatch:

Slive said 159 current and former SEC athletes competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and won 51 medals.

"Now, if the SEC were a nation, we would have finished fourth in the world (in medal count)," he said.

RPT: So, with the Masters right around the corner, the calendar is creeping around to one of my favorite traditions of the year: Steak and Masters Day. This is, of course, exactly what it sounds like -- I enjoy a steak while watching the final round of the Masters.

As such, I pose this question to the Roundtable: Excluding holidays, do any of you have any ridiculous eating/drinking traditions attached to any days of the year or events?

The Beef: There was a few years where I attempted the Beer Draft in conjunction with the NFL draft. 32 different kinds of beers, all consumed in the first round. It can be done if the beer consumption is reasonable. For instance, 3 people cannot split 2 beers and get it done. But, if you are working on about 3oz per pick, it can be done....or could be done when teams still had 15:00 per pick

RPT: This is why we have Google.

ZouDave: Prior to this year, my friends and I would celebrate "March Fatness" where we would take the first 2 days of the NCAA Tournament off from work, watch every second of basketball for the first weekend and eat just unholy and ungodly amounts of food for the entirety of those 4 days. We’d have chili, jambalaya, meatballs, brats, burgers, party subs, steaks, beans, twice baked potatoes, chips, dips, brownies, cookies, and at least a keg of beer. It was glorious.

And we always wondered why were so fat. We still got together for the tournament this year, but the eating was cut down to normal human levels. And Mizzou lost in the 1st round to a 15-seed, so really I have nobody to blame but myself.

Doug: All of that food and a plumber on speed dial, too, right?

ZouDave: We’d only leave the house to either go get pizza or wings once we’d run out of food we brought, or to get more alcohol of course.

But yeah, the 3 toilets in my house were never enough. And regardless of weather, every window in the house stayed open for the entire 96 hours. No choice.

RPT: "At least a keg of beer."

You know that using the term "at least" means there's information you still need to give us, right?

Doug: Dave probably figured it was unnecessary to mention all the wine coolers.

RPT: Nutritionist: "Where are all those empty calories coming from?"

Dave or Equivalent Replacement Guy: "Mike's Hard Lemonade, man."

ZouDave: Pfft, shows what you know.

It was Zima.

In my head I heard "At least 1 keg of beer." That’s now how it came out. Speaking of things that came out…Doug?

Doug: So far, not too bad. Oh, did I mention a Chipotle opened up in Albuquerque?

ZouDave: Seems about as sensible as putting a Panda Express in Beijing…

Doug: Or a Famous Dave's in Kansas City... oh, wait.

ZouDave: Yeah…and I go into a rage whenever someone mentions that as a "must-have BBQ" place in KC.

RPT: Don't hate. I loved my experience at Olive Garden in Rome. Speaking of which, everyone saw this, right?


The Beef: Good lord...I am damn near crying at that article...because of how serious the author was in writing it

D-Sing: Actually...I read an interview with her where she said that it was actually a bad review of Olive Garden, and that her regular readers know that she didn't really like it. The key is that she talked a lot about the decor and ambiance and not the food.

I can't find that interview, though...but she was a pistol in it. I remember that much.


But I’ve been to Grand Forks, and I would probably have to agree that this would indeed be the nicest restaurant there.