4-14-12: Brand New Stripes

[Thanks to MizzouRugby for doing this. Excellent, excellent job.]


They say you dress for success. Hopefully with a little bit of help from Nike, the Tigers will prove the old adage true.

Following two full months of blurry footage, veiled hints from those in the know, and some pranks, the Athletic Department is set to finally reveal the brand new look for our varsity athletics. During half-time of Saturday's Black and Gold Game we will see not only a change in how our Tigers look, but how the University presents itself. Hopefully, this is the revealing of a national brand, a new face for Mizzou, one that will help not only the Athletic Department, but the University as a whole, continue it's rise in recognition and accomplishment. The following pictures and screen shots are the best clues as to what our new look will...well, look like.

First off, we'll start with what is probably the uniform we all care about the most, the Football team's. Here are some familiar pictures, thanks to Kampy of TigerBoard


Stripes! On the sleeves. Interesting.


I thought Mr. Don Barnes said that grey wasn't going to be part of the uniform? Oh, its "anthracite"...


While grey *ahem* anthracite may be a brand new color from the redesign, another color has made its way onto the uniform. Real gold! Not too dark, not too mustardy, and not too puke colored. Awesome job by Nike here.


This picture really shows just how much effort went into this project, from the coloring and design, to the quality of the production. The colors really do work well together, and I believe it when Barnes said it costs thousands of dollars to outfit just one athlete.


This is the center of the collar. It appears there will be some sort of design or pattern along the collar, which may mean that there is a pattern on the shoulder pads, as seen by the shiny parts above the tiger head. If you compare it to an Oregon uni...


You can maybe see what may be in store for us. I doubt that it will be that intense though.

Now here is something that I wasn't expecting..


Do you see it? Different golds! On the uniform! I thought Nike said they were going to fix this! Hopefully this was a prototype jersey they were showing Mr. Rutland. Speaking of which....

What do you think about the new uniforms overall, Mr. Rutland?


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Now, the helmet.

Here is what I could capture from the videos.


Those are fingers holding the helmet up in the top right corner. I also believe that the dark line that follows to tiger's mouth back towards the back of the helmet is a part of the chin strap.

And if you compare it to the mock up done by Kampy....


Well would you look at that... Not only does the chin strap fit in the right place on the mock up, you can see that if you held the helmet not from the face-mask, but at where your eyebrows would be, the screen shot above is basically a match. I think the mock up above is what the helmet will end up looking like, though of course not exactly, and I may be completely wrong. I also would not be surprised if we have multiple helmets, and actually it would be a bit disappointing if we didn't.

What do you think, Mr. Maclin?


Whoa there buddy, it's just a helmet...

Here are some very well made mock ups, created by BowlBoundTiger of TigerBoard once again. I don't know how accurate these are, but they do help piece together a full mental image of the new uniform from all the bits and pieces we have seen from the videos.

To save space and to give BowlBoundTiger credit for his work, I will link the pictures instead of posting them.


(Edit: Woke up and saw that this had leaked, so let's talk about it a little)


Pretty close to the mock up, eh? The bottoms are interesting, they look a bit like our current (for one more day) bottoms, with the solid stripe down the side. I really hope Boehm likes up-downs....

Some final thoughts about the Football uniform. Nike appears to have used the ProCombat uniform as the base, especially with the inclusion of the gray, along with other things Mr. Barnes mentioned, such as the titanium belt buckle, super lightweight fabrics and moisture wicking materials. I actually like the new font, both numbers and letters. Well done, Nike.

On to the Basketball uniform!

The image that launched a thousand comments...



More gre..anthracite! More stripes! It seems Nike made a conscious effort to keep certain design aspects consistent throughout all the new outfits (gold, font), and stripes may be included on that list.

Now this is interesting..


What this is? Besides being from the Basketball video and obviously part of the tiger head logo, I am not sure. Is this on the jersey? Is it part of an alternate home outfit? No, because...


It's also in the color scheme of the Bower's jersey up top!

So,I would guess it is not on the shorts. I'm curious how this fits in the design of the front of the jersey.

In a later video there is an image of what appears to be the basketball shorts..


So it is on the jersey, by my guess. But that raises more questions. Why are there polka dots on the basketball shorts, when there are stripes on the top? Surely they must know that many women (and a few guys) in the stands will notice this clash. We will have to see.

What do you think, Mr. Slive?

(Edit: I grabbed this shot last night, BEFORE Bill C. put this on the links page. Please still laugh at it.)


It's OK, we are all just as confused as you are.

I didn't really pull much out of the Soccer, Volleyball and Baseball videos, mostly because they were shorter and had mostly blurry pictures of the uniforms printed on paper than actual blurry pictures of the uniforms themselves. I did snag this though, but I am not sure what it is


This came from the "Let's act like little children and show our new dress/toy to Daddy! (Mr. Slive)" video. It could be any number of team's top, basketball, volleyball, or soccer. But I'll tell ya what, it looks sharp.

I also got this...


It looks to me like the Women's Soccer top. Wear it proud ladies.


Another basketball top maybe? Volleyball? Doesn't matter, whatever it is, that patch makes it perfect.

Any final words, Mr. Kelly?


"Bang! And just like that, the right footed soccer style kicker takes it TO THE HOUSE!"

Well said!

And to close it out, I snagged some very good looks at the new font, and guess what it spells out?







(And of course, as soon as this drops, Mizzou Network comes out with a new video.. Here you go!)


Dress for success Tigers. We've got a whole lot of winning to do in our new home.

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