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Rock M Roundtable!

1. Tell me why I shouldn't be terrified about the current state of Mizzou's safeties.

2. Now that Fashion Week is over, tell me what I should obsess over. (Other than Mizzou's safeties, that is.)

3. Alex Oriakhi will be a Missouri Tiger in 2012-13, giving Missouri the following roster:

Backcourt - Phil Pressey (Jr.), Mike Dixon (Sr.), Keion Bell (Sr.), Dominique Bull (Fr.)
Wing - Earnest Ross (Jr.), Jabari Brown (So.), Negus Webster-Chan (Fr.)
Bigs - Laurence Bowers (Sr.), Alex Oriakhi (Sr.), Ryan Rosburg (Fr.), Tony Criswell (Jr.), Stefan Jankovic (Fr.)

Missouri still has one scholarship to give. Tell me how you would use it (i.e. tell me what Missouri is missing with that lineup above).

4. I have had this song in my head for going on three weeks now.

Tell me how to remedy this.

Hmm. Four "tell me" questions (that aren't questions at all). TELL ME, GUYS.

RPT: 1. How can I when I'm terrified too? People aren't talking about how massive of a loss Kenji's departure will be.

2. The temporary Stubble outage. What in the world happened last weekend?

3. Kobe still has eligibility left, right?

4. By replacing it with awesome music instead?

Michael Atchison: 1. Is there something to be terrified about? Really, I have no clue. Perhaps a lack of SEC quarterbacks who can throw the ball would give you comfort.

2. The poems of Philip Larkin.

3. With the addition of Oriakhi, they’re not really missing anything. They now how have a proven guy in his natural spot at each of the five starting positions, plus a couple of explosive perimeter options off the bench. Which I suppose means that (more than anything) what they could use is another guy who can score in the frontcourt, maybe block some shots. And his name starts with a "D" and ends with an "evonta."

4. This song helps to clear my head.

The Beef: 1. I am willing to give it a little more time. The defense had been ahead of the offense all spring and we saw what was basically one practice out of a dozen or so.

2. I will go with Ross and the Stubble Outrage. The team certainly still has time to get it figured out, but they have very likely given themselves a tougher road upon which to do it, including very likely NOT playing at home if they make it to a Super Regional. They have certainly done it before (UCLA), but that does not make it any more desirable.

3. Well, you are missing Danny Feldman. Beyond that, I would honestly either take Pollard or, and this is weird to say, another kid who would redshirt next year (or sit out due to transfer) who would then be able to step in the following season. If you go that route, it should be a guard, since we will lose both Dixon and Bell.

4. Play "Return of the Mac" until the situation is rectified.

ZouDave: 1 – I don’t think there’s anything to be terrified about. You don’t have to think they’re going to be All-Americans, but I don’t think they’re going to be useless. Getting Tavon Bolden back is a good thing and he reportedly had a very good spring. It sounds like Kenronte Walker has adjusted to D1 speed and is ready to be a legit starter. Besides, the SEC throws about ½ as much as the Big XII did so our weaknesses at Safety aren’t going to be nearly as glaring as they would be in a pass-happy league. Plus, our corners should be really good which is going to make our safeties look better.


3 – I’d basically be on a "Pollard or bust" mission. I think we have a team right now that we could be very happy with, it has depth and numbers we didn’t have last year and despite losing so many players we are still returning 3 experienced Mizzou players in Flip, Dixon and Bowers so we have a good nucleus. If we don’t get Devonta Pollard, just pocket that scholarship and try to parlay last year’s success with hopefully some more SEC momentum and sign an additional player for the 2013 class.

4 -

RPT: I trust Kenronte Walker a little bit, but I think the other safety spot is a complete wild card. And if the Justin Garrett era taught me anything, it's that a question mark at just one safety position can be frustrating as hell.

ZouDave: But if Pig Brown taught us anything, it’s that stud safeties can come out of nowhere.


The Beef: And if Tijuana taught me anything, it is that shows featuring animals are not actually circuses or zoos....

ghtd36: Pig who?

/hard count

SleepyFloyd7: 1 - There is an underlying terror with a lot of the units for me, but I just let my new SEC diet of fried foods and sweet tea blunt all of those sharp edges.

2 - I say dive in to some Skrillex.

3 - Point Guard - no Mike Dixon after next year, and there is at least the possibility that there is no Phil Pressey as well. Pull in a PG transfer (if there is one, which I don't know that there is).

4 - this should work to scrub your mind clean

D-Sing: 1. I guess you could be terrified of the offensive backfield, with the injury to QB1 and the lack of Henry Josey this season. No, scratch that. Be terrified of the safeties. Go ahead. I'm right there with you.

2. Pulling off the whole season preview series for our new bretheren in the Southeastern Conference.

3. I'd find a point guard to bring in now (maybe someone who is looking to transfer and has to sit a year) or even a freshman who is a good ballhandler but might need to work on his shot—someone who wouldn't push that much for playing time this year—because I have a feeling that if Flip improves a lot this offseason, he might leave early. Not saying he will...but there is always a chance.

4. Alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

(An hour later…)

The Beef: So almost every time D-Sing responds, these things die. I will accept the brunt of the blame this time

D-Sing: It's the time zone delay. Yeah, that's it.

SleepyFloyd7: Dateline Bluth!

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz revealed this week that the show’s 10-episode fourth season will be released ALL AT ONCE on Netflix Watch Instantly in 2013. Be sure to save a sick day for the occasion.

RPT: Things have been a little busy at work this week, so based only off of tweets I've seen, apparently the only news is that Tupac's hologram flew a 747 with a space shuttle on it while James Neal tried to elbow him in the face. Accurate?

SleepyFloyd7: And then they all went to the Yankees game and sat behind Tebow who got booed.

Michael Atchison: While Ted Nugent supplied astute commentary.

The Beef: Only on the special Bonus DVD of, "The Week that was for Those who were not Paying Attention"