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Mizzou Links, 4-25-12

James Franklin is evidently coming along nicely. (Photo via Bill Carter.)
James Franklin is evidently coming along nicely. (Photo via Bill Carter.)

Mizzou Football Links

  • Pinkel Meets The (SEC) Press
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Pinkel on SEC: You've got to earn respect

    ● Quarterback James Franklin visited Pinkel's office earlier in the day and Pinkel described Franklin's range of motion in his right shoulder as "really remarkable." On Friday, Franklin will be five weeks out of surgery for the torn labrum in his throwing shoulder. Pinkel repeated what he's said for the last few weeks, that the team's medical staff expects Franklin to be back in time for the start of the season. "That being said, it's possible he may not be," Pinkel said. " For the most part we have a pretty good feeling that" Franklin will be back for the season. "But the only reason I asterisk that is because Corbin Berkstresser is our backup at this time … and bottom line, backup players need to get ready to pay."

    ● There was lots of talk on the conference call about Missouri having to adjust its no-huddle spread offense for the SEC defenses versus the SEC defenses having to adjust to MU's offense. Pinkel touched on the topic some, too. "We have a scheme that we believe in," he said. "So we'll run our scheme. But as we always do, we'll adjust if necessary. We will not make the statement that we'll do what we do regardless what anyone else does. … I don’t think that would be true. I think you always adjust accordingly. For the most part, we like our system. We intend to run it, but as we do with anything in our program, we'll evaluate and adjust if it's necessary."

    KC Star: Pinkel talks SEC, injuries and respect
    PowerMizzou: Notebook: Around the SEC
    PowerMizzou: AUDIO: Pinkel meets SEC
  • Getting Realer
    Post-Dispatch: Reality of Mizzou's SEC move coming into focus
    Post-Dispatch: Mizzou looks ahead to SEC football debut
    KC Star: Missouri's spread to meet SEC defensive dread
  • Bowls
    Birmingham News: SEC expansion raises possibility of bowl-eligible teams staying home in 2012
  • 2012 Preferred Walk-On
    PowerMizzou: Kicker Nick Coffman: Earning his way
  • More Steeples De Smet's Steeples To Transfer From Mizzou
  • Still Wrapping Up Spring
    PowerMizzou: What We Learned: Safety
    We Are Mizzou: TJ Moe Mic'd Up

Other Football Links

  • More Arkansas
    Arkansas Expats: John L. Smith Looks to Break Arkansas' History of Craptastic Interim Coaches
  • PLAYoff?
    CBS Sports: Most likely BCS playoff scenario -- four teams, semifinals off campus
    Saturday Blitz: Palyoffs Moving Ever Closer: Solving The Semifinals & Preventing Creep
    Frank the Tank: Picture Me Rollin' in a College Football Playoff
    Pacific Takes: Playoff Proposal: Regional Semifinals At Neutral Sites Favoring Top Two Seeds
    College Football Talk: Report: BCS seriously considering semifinal games at neutral sites (SEC): No reason to restrict a college football playoff

Mizzou Basketball Links

This is Roscoe Smith, if anyone is interested. And this.

Other Basketball Links

  • This Is A Cool Story
    The Dagger: Terrence Jones keeps promise to bring flowers to Louisville cheerleader

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Baseball Tigers Head to In-State Rival Missouri State Game Day: MU @ Missouri State
  • Mizzou Wrestling Kyle Bradley Honored with N4A Wilma Rudolph Award
  • Mizzou Soccer
    The Trib: Basic training: MU soccer team learns from ROTC workout


  • Are You Kidding?? I LOVE Fried Eggs On Everything! And What The Hell Is Wrong With Assembly Line Ordering, Commie?
    Orange County Register: Food trends we hate the most
  • To Cleanse The Palate After That List
    Epicurious: Bourbon Guide