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Rock M Roundtable: Community Edition

Atch is out, and I was swamped this morning, so ... COMMUNITY ROUNDTABLE/CLOSERS LIVE THREAD!

1. Gary Pinkel used the word "mammoth" to describe this fall's Mizzou-Georgia game. On a scale of 1 (2000 Mizzou-SW Texas State) to 11 (2010 Oklahoma), what kind of atmosphere do you expect?

2. It was recently announced that Mizzou and UCLA are playing a home-and-home basketball series, starting this winter at Pauley Pavilion. What team (not named Kansas) would you be most excited about playing in a home-and-home series?

3. Since I was quoting Say Anything earlier today ... FAVORITE CAMERON CROWE MOVIE. GO.

4. On a scale of 1 (Joe Montana) to 10 (his brother Peyton), how funny will Eli Manning be on Saturday Night Live on May 5?