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Mizzou Links, 4-27-12

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Greetings from the land of bugs-on-windshields and Indian tacos. I experienced the former last night and will hopefully wolf down the latter today. Here is an abbreviated, "talking points" version of the links post. Share anything I may have missed in the comments below.

1. Blaine Gabbert Got Himself a Wide Receiver. In a way, that means even more pressure for Gabs this fall. (And hopefully he gets a couple of blockers too before this draft is over.)

2. Andrew Luck And Robert Griffin III Are Good At Being Quarterbacks. And Chris Brown is good at telling you why. Also: RGIII and Suzy Kolber shared a moment.

3. 3,000 For Texas Next Weekend? Why not!

4. Playoff? PLAYoff? PLAYOFF? Are you kidding me? Playoff. PLAYoff?

5. Mizzou Network Is Awesome. Case in point: Traveling Across Mizzou Nation.