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Mizzou Links, 4-5-12

Mizzou Football Links

So it irks me that, as a way to emphasize how college athletics hurt academics, Costas Tonight brought on former (like, very very former) Mizzou receiver Sean Coffey to basically rehash a five-year old hit piece and didn't ask any Mizzou players since Coffey to reaffirm his story in any way. Coffey's career ended seven years ago this fall, and while he wasn't brought on to make Mizzou in particular look bad, a) it certainly didn't make them look good, and b) it was still all sorts of lazy to reach that far back and not check to see if there are other viewpoints. (Other viewpoints would have ruined the narrative, of course.) It apparently irked Dave Matter, too.

You don't typically see remarks that pointed from Matter. That carries some weight for me. As much as I enjoy Costas, and as much as I liked him the one time I met him, he really does use Costas Tonight to pound narratives into the ground ("blogs are bad"), alternative viewpoints be damned. The only reason you reach all the way back to find Sean Coffey is if you're following this train of thought: "We need someone who will be bitter on stage. Hey, this guy was bitter for a freelance journalist five years ago; I bet he'd be bitter for us, too!" And at that point, you aren't attempting journalism, you're attempting to sell a specific narrative. There is journalism, and there is "telling angry people what they want to believe," and while Costas has done a ton of the former, he's also done quite a bit of the latter. Anyhoo...

  • Costas Tonight
    College Football Talk: 'Costas Tonight' dives into the dysfunction of college athletics

    Former Mizzou receiver Sean Coffey was part of a panel discussing academics. Coffey said he felt sports operate essentially as a full-time job for athletes, and agreed with Costas’ assertion that academic advisers work to help athletes stay eligible, not enhance the educational experience. I think it’s fair, though, to point out that college will always be what the athlete — or you, your son or daughter – makes of it.

  • QB No. 1
    The Trib: Tigers optimistic with Franklin's recovery
    KBIA Sports Extra: With James Franklin sidelined, Corbin Berkstresser takes the reins
  • WRs
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Sophomore WRs Talk
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Talking Wideouts
  • They're Back
    We Are Mizzou: Mizzou is Back in Town

Other Football Links

The concept of a Plus One playoff really did seem pretty simple. Instead, led by good old Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, we might end up with a system where a team can win a "semifinal" game ... and not make the finals. If you want to keep the Rose Bowl that badly, Mr. Delany, just forfeit your spot in a playoff. I can't believe you might have your cake and eat it, too, on this one. Surely that proposal won't get implemented ... right? Right? Surely? Pretty please?

  • They Really Are Going To Screw Up A Plus-One
    SB Nation: College Football Playoffs Proposal Would Give Rose Bowl Special Status
    SB Nation: The Rose Bowl Playoffs Plan: What The Last 5 Years Would've Looked Like (Holly Anderson): Feelingsball begets feelingsbowls (Andy Staples): BCS report includes one great, six bad postseason reform ideas
    Pre-Snap Read: Solid Proposal for Non-Playoff Bowl Games
    Frank the Tank: Playoffs?! The Final Four College Football Playoff Options and Why "Four Team Plus" Helps More Than The Rose Bowl
  • Not A Fan Of This Either (Andy Staples): Heavyweight programs could push Cinderella out of March Madness

Mizzou Basketball Links

Other Basketball Links

  • SB Nation: The Full Nelson -- Final Four in New Orleans

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Gymnastics Tigers Head to Fayetteville Regional
  • Mizzou Softball Softball Prepares For Big Series at No. 3 Texas
    The Missourian: Missouri assistant softball coach builds success through relationships
  • Mizzou Baseball Tigers Host First-Place Baylor at Taylor This Weekend Game Day: Tigers and Bears
  • Mizzou Track & Field Missouri T&F to Compete at LSU Battle of Bayou
  • Mizzou Volleyball Kreklow Named to USAVB A2 Performance Team