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Mizzou Links, 5-10-12

The 2017 Big 12 Title Game? I just don't see it.
The 2017 Big 12 Title Game? I just don't see it.

Mizzou Football Links

  • 2012 (Stewart Mandel): Realignment, Arkansas coaching search lead 10-year anniversary Mailbag

    Hey Stewart, I'm curious to see what you're more excited for next season: the slew of new Pac-12 coaches or the new layout of the SEC and Big 12?
    -- Kyle C., Omaha

    I'm certainly eager for the Pac-12 debuts of Mike Leach and Rich Rodriguez and intrigued by the start of the Jim L. Mora era in Westwood. (I'd be lying if I said I'm counting down the days until Todd Graham leads ASU out of the tunnel.) Meanwhile, less than a year ago, I was pretty adamant that the SEC would rue the day it diluted a perfectly good product by adding two second-tier programs with limited national appeal. But Mike Slive's master plan must be working, because every time I look at the 2012 early-season schedule I find myself circling Sept. 8, when Georgia visits Missouri and Florida plays at Texas A&M. I can't wait. It makes absolutely no sense. (SEC Blog): Elvis Fisher ready for last stand ... again
    PowerMizzou: Tiger Mailbag

    mizzou04 asks: How much does Morgan Steward play this year? Similar to a D-Wash role in 2007?

    GD: I think either Steward or Russell Hansbrough will see action as a freshman, but I don't think both will (at least as of right now). Whichever one is better in summer workouts and fall camp I think will play a role similar to what Marcus Murphy played as a true freshman. He'll see some action, but probably not as more than the third tailback unless they just blow the doors off everyone in practice.

  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Missouri is moving up for [South Carolina DB Chocolate] Wilson
  • CRAZY ULTIMATE (and fun)
    Blip.TV: Dorial Green-Beckham Crazy Ultimate Highlight

Other Football Links

  • Good God ... Just Say It, Delany: "We Don't Want Alabama In The Playoff"
    Birmingham News: Big Ten commissioner says non-division winners don't belong in college football playoffs
  • Absolutely
    The Trib: Is the game to blame for brain injuries?

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Transfer Central
    The Trib: Missouri is second home to hoops nomads

Other Basketball Links

I happily am, and have always been, a sports socialist. I think anybody who wants to be a part of a certain level of college basketball (or college football) should find the path for doing so. And unlike Jay Bilas and (below) Steve Walentik, I feel no need to cut some of the excess fat from Division I's current, enormous roster. That said, I would have no problem if they actually maintained, and enforced, certain guidelines regarding minimum attendance, etc. I know they have these in FBS ... but I also know that quite a few schools fail to meet the minimum attendance numbers, and nobody has ever done anything about it. I'm not sure if they have the same rules for basketball, but ... create and enforce these rules, and I don't see why you would need to cut the number of D1 schools just for the purpose of cutting them. Nobody forced Binghamton to become D1 -- if they want to try (and fail) to compete with Syracuse, let them.


Again, I've been wrong before. Many, many times, especially as it pertains to realignment. But every time I see one of these "Florida State and Clemson to the Big 12???" rumors, I think the ACC is once again being woefully underestimated and disrespected. Below, Chip Brown tries to tell you the rumors are more legitimate than you think, and honestly, he makes the one case that could sway me -- Florida State really needs more money, and they could try to create their own "Seminole Network" in the Big 12. That would be the one thing that could convince me this is legitimate. Otherwise, it is just another case of "The ACC is going to get raided!" talk that has been consistently proven wrong throughout EXPANSIONAPALOOZA™ 2010 and EXPANSIONAPALOOZA™ 2011.

  • $$$$$
    SB Nation: College Conference TV Money Breakdown: ACC Gains As SEC Prepares To Strike

    *: Oh ho, the big bad SEC, all broke and stuff! Just wait. When the SEC cashes in, Buzz Bissinger is going to ban college football so hard.

  • Oh Lord... Realignment Round 3?

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links


Other Mizzou Links

Fifty-three??? Isn't that, like, all of them?

  • Mizzou Gymnastics
    Mizzou Network: Updike wins Rookie of the Year at ROARS
  • Mizzou Track & Field Fifty-Three Tigers Named Academic All-Big 12 Track & Field


So I read Mark Titus' piece on Greg Oden yesterday, and it was fantastic. And it very much reminded me of a piece I wrote in the summer of 2007, back at Mizzou Sanity, when it looked like everything was coming up Portland. As you know by now, my "sports city" consists of Mizzou, the Trail Blazers, the Pittsburgh Pirates and, growing up, the Miami Dolphins. Now, as then, I absorb and react to bad news pretty well, and it has come through practice. Still, it is amazing to see just how cruel the gods have been to both Oden and the Blazers over the past five years.