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Mizzou Links, 5-11-12

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Photo via Bill Carter.
Photo via Bill Carter.

Mizzou Football Links

Here's some Jake Campos film for you. It's pretty much of the "perfect high school tackle" variety.

Goodness. He's obviously still pretty skinny, but Mizzou typically makes a habit of breaking down a prospect's bad weight and building him back up with good weight. Campos will simply show up already broken of the bad weight, I guess. His frame is pretty clearly big enough to handle the extra pounds. Great pickup.

Other Football Links

  • PLAYoff?
    Birmingham News: Saban on conference champs-only playoff: "Hell no"
    SB Nation: Bill Hancock Says Major Issues 'About Divided 50/50'

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Fuller Top 10 Thursday: Assistants 40 and under

    3. Tim Fuller (Missouri): When opposing coaches say you’re on the rise, that means something. Fuller has amassed a solid reputation in coaching circles. After just a season with the Tigers, Frank Haith promoted Fuller to associate head coach. Fuller, who played at Wake Forest from 1997-2000, is just 34. But his stock is rising fast.

Other Basketball Links



  • Will The Big East Survive
    The Daily (Dan Wolken): The Misfits Could Fit
  • Maintaining Rivalries (That Don't Quite Exist Yet)
    Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician: Will Conference Realignment Ruin The Great Syracuse-FSU Rivalry?
    Card Chronicle: Jurich To The Big East: We Want Out

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Other Mizzou Links