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Mizzou Links, 5-15-12


Mizzou Football Links

Every word coming out of Jacksonville this spring has been very positive about Blaine Gabbert's development. Hopefully that development continues when real, live pass rushers are coming at him.

  • Gabs
    Big Cat Country: Jaguars Offseason Review: Quarterback Position Four 2011 first-round QBs face varied challenges entering Year 2
  • Our Dietician Is Better Than Your Dietician!
    We Are Mizzou: Jana Heitmeyer featured in American Football Monthly

Other Football Links

It's Relegation Week at SB Nation! Spencer, Jason and I are each putting together pieces discussing how and why promotion and relegation would and wouldn't work for college football. I've gotta say ... I spent a good chunk of yesterday running simulations for a piece later in the week, and ... this would work. You want five high-quality major conferences? This is how you get it. Dead weight doesn't last, and the floor of a conference is always higher this way. It's a really neat idea. It is also, of course, entirely unrealistic. But it's really neat!


I contributed yesterday in this argument as well (I promise the reason for no Rafters vote wasn't me just goofing off!). The Big 12 has, amazingly, built itself some leverage, and while the odds of success for my proposal are minimal, Larry Scott proved a couple of years ago that success is only part of the equation -- he swung for the fences, went after the entire Big 12 South, landed only one of those six programs, and still came off looking like the ambitious leader of an ambitious, exciting conferences.

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

I smell Stubble Drive ... tune in later today, huh?

  • NCAA Softball Tournament
    Mizzou Network: Mizzou Softball Hosts Regional
  • Chelsea
    The Trib: Chelsea Thomas sets school record for softball strikeouts
    Mizzou Network: Thomas Sets Career Strikeout Record Thomas Takes Final Big 12 Pitcher of the Week Award
  • Mizzou Baseball HI NOTES: Zagone rising, Mizzou looks to future