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Mizzou Links, 5-17-12

Whether or not James Franklin is ready to go, this guy won't be starting against SE Louisiana. (Photo via Bill Carter.)
Whether or not James Franklin is ready to go, this guy won't be starting against SE Louisiana. (Photo via Bill Carter.)

Mizzou Football Links

Well ... saw this one coming...

  • Berkstresser
    The Trib: Berkstresser suspended after arrest

    Missouri quarterback Corbin Berkstresser will indefinitely sit out team activities per a university policy that states athletes who have been charged with a felony or face a possible felony charge are automatically suspended, team spokesman Chad Moller confirmed Wednesday. […] If Boone County prosecutors decide to charge Berkstresser with a misdemeanor, he will have to apply for reinstatement before rejoining team activities, Moller said.

    According to UM System rules for student conduct, if an athlete pleads guilty or is found guilty of a felony charge, the athlete is barred permanently from participation in athletics at any campus of the UM System.

    KC Star: MU suspends Berkstresser
    Post-Dispatch: MU suspends QB who was arrested
  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Tiger Mailbag

    JoeDec89 asks: Who do you think is the most underrated commit in the 2013 class so far and why? Also who do you think from the 2012 class besides DGB can have a impact as a freshman?

    GD: I've never professed to being a talent scout. But the guy I hear the most about from people around Mizzou who isn't getting a ton of attention nationally is Jeff City linebacker Joe Burkett. I've heard some say they think Burkett is the best linebacker in the state of Missouri this year, even though he won't get the hype that Nick Ramirez and Eric Beisel will. As far as last year's guys, I think either Russell Hansbrough or Morgan Steward definitely plays as a freshman. I think Evan Boehm has a great shot to play. And partially because of the relative lack of depth at defensive tackle, I'm keeping my eye on Evan Winston, who certainly has the physical look of a D1 player. Rivals Spotlight: Anthony Sherrils
    USA Football: Quarterbacks, receivers and tight ends selected for 2012 U.S. Under-19 National Team (look for a certain player whose name rhymes with Mint Mosick)
  • Gabs
    SB Nation (Tampa Bay): Blaine Gabbert Has To Be The Jaguars Starter

Other Football Links

Generally speaking, I'm not a humongous fan of Yahoo!'s Dan Wetzel -- he has tended to go a bit too far for my liking when it comes to blaming all of college football's ills on bowls and the BCS; meanwhile, I also really have no objection to hypothetical playoff semifinals taking place at bowl sites. That said ... Wetzel is absolutely right that the Big Ten has bent over backwards to make the Rose Bowl happy during this playoff debate, to the extent that they are costing their own teams and fanbases. Not that I care, really, but he's right.

  • PLAYoff?
    Chicago Tribune: Big Ten athletic directors getting in line with idea of four-team playoff in college football
    Yahoo! (Dan Wetzel): Big Ten surrenders fight to bring college football playoff to the Midwest, just to help the Rose Bowl
    CBS Sports: Memo to BCS commissioners: Your credibility is on the line again
  • It's Relegation Week!
    SB Nation (Jason Kirk): Realignment Is Dead, Long Live College Football Relegation
    Deadspin: Reconstructing The Most Exciting Day In The History Of Soccer (And Maybe Sports, Period)

Mizzou Basketball Links


  • It Continues...
    San Jose Mercury: Action/reaction: USA Today strikes again, Florida State to the Big 12 (?), Boise State's dilemma and non-news on Pac12Net

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Looks like there are a couple of Stubble Drive radio appearances in the works for this afternoon. Stay tuned!

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Men's Golf Cuartero, Long Prepare for NCAA Regional Golf Championship
  • Mizzou Track & Field Big 12 Track & Field Championships Wrap Up


  • Making Sure Everybody Saw This...
    SB Nation (Matt Ufford): Military Veterans: What's Your Favorite Sports Memory From Deployment?