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Mizzou Links, 5-22-12

Jerrell Jackson now wears a different uniform. (Photo via Bill Carter.)
Jerrell Jackson now wears a different uniform. (Photo via Bill Carter.)

Mizzou Softball Links

Mizzou Football Links

  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Tevin Montgomery's switch pays off
  • Tiger Town
    The Missourian: Officials set to solidify Tiger Town plans next month
  • Somebody's Going To Get A Big Head Now...
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Obama mentions Missouri football team's day in Joplin during commencement speech

    That story might sound familiar to MU fans and loyal readers. It appears Obama's staff read the Tribune while crafting the president's speech, specifically this story from the day I spent with Gary Pinkel and about 30 of his players on their volunteer trip to Joplin last spring.

    Now, normally, I'd be peeved about someone borrowing from my reporting without attributing where they found the information. But in this case, I'll let it slide.

    You can read the president's entire speech here.


Other Football Links

  • Nooooo ... You Don't Say...
    SB Nation: College Football Playoffs: Big East Opposes Committee, Favors Champions
  • Peyton Manning Is Good
    Smart Football: Peyton Manning (and Tom Moore)'s Indianapolis Colts Offense: How a Handful of Plays Built a Decade of Success
  • Curious About What Impact This Will Have In 20 Years
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Parents rethinking the game of football


  • Sooner Than Expected
    SB Nation: SEC Network Coming, Expansion Money Could Be Less Than Hoped For
    CBS Sports: Report: The SEC is looking to start its own network
    Mr. SEC: REPORT: SEC Getting Closer To Starting Its Own Television Network
  • Our New Deputy A.D.
    The Trib: No time to lose selling the Tigers
  • The SEC-Big 12 Alliance
    Frank the Tank: New SEC/Big 12 Bowl and Realignment Rumors
    Dawg Sports: How the SEC and the Big 12 Should Go About Setting Up a College Football Scheduling Agreement


  • Barriers To Super-Conferences
    Team Speed Kills: The Barriers to the Beginning of the Mega-Conference Era
  • Realignment Rankings!
    SB Nation (Jason Kirk): What's Your College Football Program Worth? Introducing Realignment Value Rankings
  • That Poor Big East... (Andy Staples): Big East hopeful, but college football realignment clouds future

Other Mizzou Links