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Now For Sale: Tremendous Stubble T-Shirts

It's official: you can now purchase your very own Tremendous Stubble T-Shirt! Proceeds will go toward the Missouri Children's Hospital and the Stubble Drive. Here are the details.

1. The front of the shirt will look like the one Lisa Simmons posted last week (see above), only without the (licensed) Block M. The back of the shirt will have some combination of the Rock M Nation logo, the URL, and Stubble Drive information.

2. The price: $20. Half of the cost will go to the printing of the shirt, approximately 10 percent will go to shipping, and the rest will go toward the Stubble Drive.

3. To purchase one, go through PayPal. Once you have logged in, go to Send Money, enter the Rock M Nation e-mail address (, specify the amount ($20), and hit Continue.

In the "Email to recipient" field on the next screen, specify your shirt size, quantity (if more than one), and the mailing address to which the shirt should be sent. (While you're at it, please include your name somewhere as well.)

4. Orders will be shipped next week. We are arranging this with a local vendor; we will be sending in a bulk order on Tuesday, May 29, with all of the requests we have received, and they will be printed and shipped individually. If there is still demand after that, we will send in another bulk order on Tuesday, June 5. If you have any interest in these shirts, please send in your requests by the end of June 4.

As with everything Stubble Drive-related, the best ideas seem to come on short notice. Next year we will attempt to arrange a smoother process for purchasing and delivering the shirts. But for now we are simply thrilled to be able to offer the shirts at all. This is the coolest thing Rock M Nation does, and we hope you all show your support Time to spread the word about the Stubble Drive (and get an awesome shirt out of it)!