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Rock M Roundtable!

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As I momentarily pull myself away from a suddenly mobile Rally Baby, let's crank out some roundtable questions! And no, Atch, no softball questions. We all expect Mizzou to win the WCWS and earn $10K for the Stubble Drive, right? We're in agreement there?

1 - Hey look, EXPANSIONAPALOOZA™ rolls on! How do you think the SEC would respond if the Big 12 added 2-6 ACC teams (and/or Notre Dame) to its roster? Stay at 14? Try to add Virginia Tech and N.C. State? Other?

2 - Big 12/SEC Football Challenge: love the idea or hate it?

3 - Continuing the "CHALLENGE!" theme, who would you want Mizzou to draw in the apparently upcoming Big East/SEC Challenge?

4 - Really, what kind of role model is Dora the Explorer? Adopting a jaguar? Really? And come on, Dora, I don't want to say "Arriba!" four times. Twice is more than enough.

ZouDave: 1 - If the Big XII, B1G or Pac-12 expand to 16 it’s going to open the floodgates for the rest of the conferences to do likewise. I don’t think the SEC will be the first, because I don’t think they feel like they have to. They got who they wanted, and they’ll get who they want in the next round as well.

That said, I believe their #1 target would be VA Tech. Virginia fits their description perfectly in that it’s in their geographic footprint but does add a new state. As for #16…I think they’d want North Carolina but I don’t see UNC splitting from Duke. I think they’d want Maryland but I don’t see UMD splitting from the ACC. So at that point, I think they’d go NC State first with targets of Florida State and Clemson as options as well (assuming they weren’t already 100% committed to the new Big W12hful Thinking).

2 – Totally fine with it, but don’t really care if it happens or not. I’m fine with playing one of our former Big 12 opponents in football, especially if this forced kansas to play us, but if we don’t then whatever.

3 – Anybody but Marquette. Buzz Williams is a super douche.

4 -

Michael Atchison: 1. It’s hard for me to read the SEC’s intentions. Texas A&M was a unique opportunity for the league. It let them make a geographically logical move that opened the door to the nation’s single-biggest well of football interest and talent. Mizzou then added two major markets and made the math work for scheduling. I don’t know any other schools within the realm of possibility that do the same thing. Virginia Tech would be the most logical choice, but I really don’t know about school number 16 (West Virginia would have been a pretty natural partner for Va Tech). My guess is that the SEC lets the Big 12 do what it will, secure that it’s the SEC and it doesn’t need to respond to others.

2. As the kids say (the kids do say this, right?), hells yeah. I would love for Missouri to have a big non-conference game against a regional foe. If it’s Kansas, all the better.

3. I’m having a hard time keeping track of which schools are in the Big East. But I’ll go opposite Dave. Give us Marquette. Buzz is fun.

4. Just wait till you go see Dora Live! Just wait.

KU Doug: 1 - Given the report that CBS is balking at paying more money to the SEC just for the additions of Missouri and Texas A&M, I don't think the math will be there for expansion beyond 14 for anyone. The problem with adding VaTech is that, at this point, I don't see Virginia allowing Tech or UVA to go anywhere without the other. Best case scenario, the SEC adds the Hokie and Maryland; one big football program and two HUGE media markets.

2 - Wow. It's almost like there's some sort of cosmic conspiracy theory to get Kansas and Missouri to play each other again. Hmmm.

3 - Louisville. But, honestly, I'd love to see Missouri try to play it's offense against any decent Big East defense. A black hole would form due to the differences of coaching philosophies tugging against each other.

4 - Wait... are you saying I should take life lessons from cartoon characters? Dammit! I thought firing two guns into the ground at the same time would cause me to levitate in the air.

The Beef: 1. The move to 16 nationally with a suddenly "healthy" Big XII is now interesting. Before, under the idea that the Big XII would break apart, getting super conferences to 16 was not a bridge too far. But if the Big XII is going to be in play, I don’t know what the Pac-12 does. If they (the Pac-12) cannot get OU and some others...I just don’t know where they go. Boise? Academically, they would have a revolt on their hands (and athletically beyond football). Nevada? UNLV? New Mexico? All ideas to bring in new states to the geography, but you gain very little. If "everyone" is going to get to 16, the Pac-12 is suddenly on the outside, looking in. The BIG can poach who they want from the ACC/Big East fallout and the SEC can do the same. Anyway, that is neither here nor there.

As for the actual question, someone from the state of Virginia and someone from the state of North Carolina makes the most sense. I always held the idea that if the Big XII was in play to poach, Okie State could have been an option to rip away from OU and that conference, but again, if the Big XII is "healthy", than the SEC expansion is to the north and east (directionally speaking). But I think that is off a bit. I think CBS is only going to up the ante to make sure the schools are getting the same amount at 14 as they did at 12. The real money will then be in the SEC Network, and while NC and VA help with that, the SEC has plenty of states and footprint to launch in the coming years.

2. It is a future step that I see does not really have much application in the here and I will care later.

3. I thought we were getting Syracuse in the SEC/Big East basketball challenge. Am I just making that up?

4. Have stayed away from Dora so far, but Barney and Sesame Street is plenty for me these days.

Michael Atchison: Mizzou is getting Syracuse in football, but my last understanding was that it wasn’t clear whether the Big East would include Syracuse and Pitt in the hoops challenge.

The Beef: Gotcha....I thought I had read elsewhere that someone quoted Nestor at a TSF function that it was going to be ‘Cuse. Either way...solid contest

SleepyFloyd7: 1 - I am amazed by the sudden virility of the Big 12. The conference is fully erect right now. But there are way too many moving parts right now for anyone to proclaim that they know what will happen. These power-plays from Slive and Delaney, Scott and What's-his-name are like a giant game of Battleship - lobbing bombs at each other's bowls (and poor John Swofford catching errant shrapnel from all sides). Ultimately, I think the SEC adds Manchester United and the New York Yankees. #MikeSliveMicDrop

2 - Bring it on, Beakers.

3 - New Mexico - they are in the Big East now, right?

4 - Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda.

Apparently, my only useful skill this morning is snark. Apologies for not productively furthering the conversation.

SleepyFloyd7: BTW - if you missed it yesterday - is there enough interest in a soccer-style Mizzou scarf to actually get them made?

This was the mock-up I made last night.

This was just a quick and dirty design. We could probably do better. But it's a starting point.

D-Sing: 1. I don't think the SEC responds right away if the Big 12 decides to add 2 teams or even 4 teams. I think the only scenario that gets the SEC to think about moving is if the Big 12 adds 6 teams and one of them is Notre Dame. And even then, I don't necessarily think that the SEC gets threatened by the Big 12 adding volume. Quite frankly, I believe Mike Slive and the institutions in the conference would be just fine standing pat at 14.

2. I like the idea a lot actually.

3. Selfishly, Memphis, if for no other reason than to give fans an excuse to travel to Memphis.

4. I can't help here; we've never watched a full episode of Dora. We're a Disney Junior family.

Michael Atchison: Love the idea of the scarf, but I hope the licensing fairy leaves lots of money under the pillow if RMN tries to put "MIZZOU" on it.

SleepyFloyd7: You must have read that wrong. That says ZOU-MIZ. Clearly different.

We could also put some sort of pithy slogan on it.

(Two hours later…)

SleepyFloyd7: Meanwhile, I'd say that this is a pretty fair representation of this week's roundtable.

KU Doug: Actually, I don't think I'd give this Roundtable that much credit.

Michael Atchison: Apropos of nothing, you can download the entirety of Pink Floyd’s The Wall album today at Amazon for $2.99. That’s so cheap, I suggest buying extra copies and selling them on ebay.

The Beef: Wow...this might have to be my first ever digital download purchase....

ghtd36: What's a Pink Floyd?

RPT: The frozen yogurt magnate?

Michael Atchison: In Texas, they called it The Roger Waters Band. Then Rogers Waters quit but the rest of the guys carried on as The Roger Waters Band. He sued them and claimed that they should henceforth be known as The David Gilmour Band, but the judge ruled that Roger Waters did not own the name The Roger Waters Band, and so the others carried on. Also, there was a giant inflatable pig.

Bill C.: Also: overrated.


The Beef: Wow....we may not be friends anymore

/not sure who actually does the ratings

KU Doug: Old man rage in 3... 2... 1...

Bill C.: For every classic track in their catalog, there are five horrendous and/or boring ones. The Wall is certainly worth $2.99, however.

Michael Atchison: Actually, I like the Floyd quite a bit. I have an aggressively strong prejudice against most prog rock, but I think they transcend all those other bands with their senses of rhythm, restraint and melody ("Us and Them" is about as grand and elegant as it gets). That said, I’m not going to fight anyone about it. My closest musical ally would rather throw himself of a cliff than listen to Dark Side of the Moon.

ZouDave: Comfortably Numb is far and away the best Pink Floyd song ever performed, and one of the 5 best songs ever.


D-Sing: I don't see the need to download The Wall since I have the double disc CD already loaded into iTunes. Seems pointless to me.

I'm not sure who "rates" bands anyway, because it seems to be a personal thing to me. I won't rehash that point of view here. I will concede, however, that the Wall, while it does have some good and beautiful moments (ABITW Part 2, Comfortably Numb, Mother and Hey You), it is mainly a vehicle for Roger Waters to deal with his own conflicted feelings about the music industry and superstardom and his own personal backstory.

Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here were works of inspired genius in my opinion. But as Waters asserted more controlled, his megalomania and issues really hurt the band moving forward, leading to the nadir of The Final Cut, a wholly unlistenable and unenjoyable experience.

Michael Atchison: What are the other four?

ZouDave: In no particular order…

Over the Hills and Far Away
Baba O’Riley

And I’ll have to think about the other 2 for a minute to see what I will exclude.

Michael Atchison: "Over the hills and far away to grandmother’s house we go . . . "

Inspired and courageous choice, Dave.

The Beef: And we wonder why people always complained about his musical selections in his videos....

Bill C.: The other two: "Friday" by Ice Cube and "Friday" by Rebecca Black.

ZouDave: And I’ll round it out with:

Where the Streets Have No Name

But I really struggled to pick those 2 among probably 15 other songs.

And of those 5, I’ve only used one in a Mizzou video (the most recent video, in fact).

RPT: Atch says: "I have an aggressively strong prejudice against most prog rock"

Normal internet commenter would have phrased it "prog rock sucks AZZZ, lol"

Atch: Single Handedly Raising the Internet Average Sinze 1917.

ZouDave: I think you’re forgetting "My Posse’s on Broadway" by Sir Mix-a-Lot

Michael Atchison: According to iTunes, the five songs I’ve played the most within iTunes are "Another Girl, Another Planet" by the Only Ones, "3 Dimes Down" by Drive-By Truckers, "Trashcan" by Delta Spirit, "Cigarettes and Alcohol" by Oasis and "Born to Run" by the Boss. I’ll refrain from making a list of my five favorite songs because it would be 500 songs long.

The Beef: least I have heard of one of those songs

ZouDave: If I used iTunes, I’m sure it would tell me the song I play the most often is that Girl Talk All Day mix that the Roundtable discovered for me like a year or so ago. That’s my default running song, and since I run almost every day now it gets listened to A LOT.

Michael Atchison: In our last house, the words to "Another Girl, Another Planet" were stenciled around the top of the walls of our kitchen. It was my wife’s idea. When you find a woman like that, you never let her go.

ghtd36: According to Spotify, the song that I've listened to the most was this:

ZouDave: I was absolutely certain that was going to be:

RPT: Bill needs to file away the iTunes Top Five Played for next week.

Bill C.: I can't wait to see mine. Wonder if "Elmo's Ducks" has cracked the Top Ten yet.

KU Doug: I think a screwed up iTunes catalog is the best argument I've heard in a long time against having kids.

ghtd36: [/YouTubes "Elmo's Ducks"]

[/vows never to have kids]

Bill C.: I don't actually hate that song. Now ... if you ever find yourself on the Sprout Channel (and I have no idea why you would), and you catch a commercial for "Super Why" ... you'll know why I have sudden urges to go on a murderous rampage about six times per day.


Bill C.: The commercial is even worse!