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Mizzou Links, 5-31-12

Coming soon to a Mizzou Arena near you...
Coming soon to a Mizzou Arena near you...


Dear SEC,

So you're thinking about a more complicated "some permanent rivals, but not all permanent rivals" layout for scheduling? Don't think too hard: I've got you covered.

  • Permanent Rivals
    The Trib: Mike Anderson says MU rivalry won't be about him
    The Trib (Steve Walentik): Are the Hogs (and their coach) coming to Columbia?
  • Football Scheduling
    The Trib: Schedule format decision is imminent
    The Trib: SEC coaches united on playoff, open to change on rivalry games
    Birmingham Times: SEC football schedule format becomes cloudier
    KC Star: SEC hits snag on football scheduling
    Post-Dispatch: Format of football schedule still up in air
    KBIA Sports: SEC football coaches differ on league scheduling
  • Basketball Scheduling
    Team Speed Kills: SEC Considering Bringing Permanent Rival System or Tier Model to Basketball
    Rocky Top Talk: New SEC Basketball Schedule: How a Tiered Rotation Might Work
    Birmingham Times: Top basketball schedule format emerges
    Mr. SEC: Hoops Coaches Studying One 18-Game Plan (But Divisions Might Be Back In Play)
  • The SEC Network™
    SB Nation: SEC Network Given Super Awesome Code Name
    SB Nation: New SEC Network Confirmed By Ole Miss, Mizzou ADs
    Matt Sarz: What changed in the SEC TV contract to change their business model?
  • Well ... Yeah
    Post-Dispatch: College football is always in season in the SEC
  • More Alden
    The Trib: Alden thinks Missouri is in better place
    KC Star: Athletic director excited about changes at Missouri

Mizzou Football Links

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Other Football Links


    Big 12 Sports: Big 12, As Of Now, Does Not Favor Expanding
    SB Nation: Big 12 'Reaffirms' Commitment To 10 Members
    Frank The Tank: A 5-Step Summer Plan to Save the ACC


I'll say this: I've seen more clever American passes in the last week than I had in the last year, maybe two years. The USMNT is doing an infinitely better job of passing into space and creating scoring opportunities. They very easily could have had two or three more goals yesterday. Of course, Brazil could have, too. A combination of always-iffy U.S. defense (sorry, Gooch) and a ridiculously good Brazil attack made sure this game wasn't too close, even if it was for a while. I'm really excited about the way the offense is coming together, but that defense still scares the hell out of me.

Oh well. Brazil is Brazil, and let's just say that the U.S. will face a lot more Scotlands than Brazils in World Cup qualifying.

    SB Nation: USA Vs. Brazil: Seleção Show Their Class In 4-1 Win Over USMNT
    U.S. Soccer Players: USA 1 - Brazil 4
    Dirty Tackle: The only moment from the U.S.'s friendly loss to Brazil U.S. fans will want to see