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Mizzou Links, 5-4-12

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Mizzou Football Links

No actual links. Just this.

Other Football Links

    Football Study Hall: 2012 College Football Conventional Wisdom Watch: May Edition

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • More ROARS 2012
    Mizzou Network: ROARS - Kim English Accepts Community Service Award
  • More Zach Coleman
    PowerMizzou: Coleman's coaches talk

    PM: How did Coleman play for you last year?

    Coach Washington: "He did a really good job for us last year. He was a kid who hadn't played basketball in a while and I knew once he got used to it and he got stronger that he would be pretty good. I actually saw Zach when he was in 6th or 7th grade and I thought he had a chance to be really, really good. I didn't see him again until an 8th grade AAU tournament and then found out a couple weeks later that he blew his knee out. That is not something you usually see in the 8th grade and if he would have not hurt his knee it is very easy to believe that he would be a top 25 kid. He was on the same team as Julius Randle and Matt Jones and was actually the second best player on the team behind Julius. He can play, he can flat out play and he came back from the time off with the knee and I was delighted when he stepped right in and didn't miss a beat from the first game. He got better and stronger as the season went on. Oh and one other thing, he is a really good student too." […]

    PM: What type player is Coleman?

    Coach Booker: "He's a workhorse. He's very versatile. He can handle the ball step out and shoot the three as well as bang inside with the big boys and rebound with the best of them. He's one of the hardest working kids that I've ever been around."

Other Basketball Links


  • A Recap
    SB Nation (Jason Kirk): Conference Realignment Recap: Who's Where In 2012, 2013 And Beyond
  • ...Okay
    Big East Coast Bias: SMU Professor Says Move To The Big East Will Hurt SMU, Like He Says It Hurt Rutgers

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Other Mizzou Links


  • This Is Fantastic
    SB Nation (Jon Bois): Awful Advice: How To Bet At The Kentucky Derby

    - Stand in line. Occasionally, the person in front of the line will place a bet and exit. When this occurs, the line will become shorter. Take one to two steps forward.

    - At some point, the line may become so short that you are, in fact, at the very front of it and facing the betting window. If this happens, shriek "HORSEBET" and throw a handful of wadded-up bills at the cashier.

    - Run away. It does not matter whether you receive a bet slip because you are going to lose.

    - A new school of betting theory argues that you shouldn't simply bet on the existence of horses, and should bet on one horse in particular. Odds can be fun sometimes, but I mean, all horses are basically the same. Look at them. They all got tails and feet and shit. Just go with your gut and bet on a horse whose name you like.