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Mizzou Links, 5-9-12

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Henry Josey: finally done with surgeries.
Henry Josey: finally done with surgeries.

Mizzou Football Links

  • It's Not Spurrier, But NOW We're Talking... Les Miles favors SEC division games deciding division champs, not overall SEC records

    As for Texas A&M and Missouri joining the SEC: "I would say strap it up," Miles said. "They're going to really not enjoy their welcoming to this conference."

  • I Remember That Guy...
    Mizzou Network: The Atiyyah Ellison Camp in Boonville
  • Goodness, They Do A Lot Of This...
    We Are Mizzou: Community Service

And just because...

Other Football Links

I honestly thought last night's OMG BAN COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!1! debate would end up semi-productive because, well, I assumed it was mostly about head injuries, and head injuries are a topic we really do need to figure out how to address. Instead, it almost entirely consisted of a) arguments that have been made about college football since the 1950s (It distracts students! And if we ban football, those students won't find other distractions!), b) arguments that could be made about college basketball (There's too much money involved!), c) arguments that could be made about high school football (Repeated small-collision head injuries add up, etc.) but weren't because Buzz Bissinger has made millions of dollars off of high school football, d) arguments that should probably be directed at the NFL (Yes, Junior Seau did play college football ... for three years, and then he played in the NFL for 20), and e) Buzz Bissinger nonsense. At one point, in a five-minute span, Bissinger argued for the banning of D1 college football but thought DII-DIII was okay, then argued that maybe they keep football and basketball but get rid of the other, lower-revenue sports. He was just throwing crap at the wall. Meanwhile, you got 1,000,000,000% more worthwhile discussion on the topic if you just tuned into The Closers and listened to Rex Sharp talk about head injuries. Link below.

I knew I was going to roll my eyes at the BAN IT tone of the conversation, but I honestly thought it would be worth my time just because there is real conversation to be had after the hyperbole. But they had none of that conversation last night. Malcolm Gladwell often makes me roll my eyes in his writing, but I love that he both tries to look at topics from a different angle and tries to present complex ideas to you as simply as possible. But last night, he allowed himself to be used as the generic "egghead academic" type, brought nothing of importance to the table, and wasted everybody's time. And now, the next time he wants to talk about this, nobody is going to pay attention.

  • BAN IT
    SB Nation: 'Ban College Football' Debate Live Thread
  • Wait, Somebody Actually Talked About The Real Issue At Hand?
    The Closers: Talking Head Injuries with Rex Sharp and Thomas Martin
  • An Enormous Stretch, But A Fun Read
    Reddit: How Steve Bartman might have caused the recent SEC dominance

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • More On Clarkson Jordan Clarkson Joins Mizzou Basketball Program
    Post-Dispatch: MU picks up guard from Tulsa
    PowerMizzou: Clarkson makes his decision
  • More On Miller
    The Trib: MU close to naming Miller new assistant coach

Other Basketball Links

There is truly no good reason for Kentucky and Indiana to not be playing anymore, but I actually appreciate that John Calipari tried to explain himself, even if I don't agree with the logic.

  • I Have Begun To Enjoy John Calipari, And I Hate Myself
    Rush the Court: Calipari Pushes 'Nontraditional' Scheduling Agenda, A Loss For Everyone Involved


  • The Big East And Dominoes
    New York Times: John Marinatto Resigns as Big East Commissioner
    USA Today: Where does the Big East go from here?
    Frank The Tank: The Latest Conference Realignment FAQ

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Good stuff from Gary Cotton at KBIA Sports Extra

Other Mizzou Links

  • NERRRRRRRRDS Tigers Lead the Way With 53 Academic All-Big 12 Honorees