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Rock M Roundtable: Community Edition!

It's another community edition of everybody's favorite Wednesday afternoon time-killer...

1. Henry Josey underwent what is supposed to be his final knee surgery to repair the "one-in-a-million" injury he suffered last November. On a scale of 0 (never see the field again) to 10 (he'll be every bit as good as he was in October), rate your expectations of him upon his return, presumably in 2013-14.

2. So Mizzou's 2012 basketball recruiting class appears to be finally full, and ... holy transfers! Do you prefer the sudden rebuilding mode, or would you have preferred a huge load of freshmen that took their lumps in 2012-13 and, theoretically, made serious noise in 2014-15?

3. At this point, what are your expectations for Mizzou Softball in the 2012 postseason? Super regionals? Another WCWS? Where's your bar?

4. It's May! What TV season finale are you most looking forward to?