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Mizzou Links, 6-12-12

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In yesterday's links post, I included a link to a Steve Walentik article about the arrest of Levi Cooley (and his ties to the athletic program) with a caption of "Hmm." I really couldn't come up with anything beyond that to say, but since an AP article about Cooley -- much less thorough and replete with a tacky "Haith is tied to this guy and Nevin Shapiro!" reference -- has now made the rounds, I'll try to expand by a few words: instead of "Hmm," let's go with "Hmm, this is a bit of an awkward tie, isn't it? It could mean that we find out he was a hookup for tons of players, and he could name names and take out half of the football and basketball programs. It could also mean that absolutely nothing whatsoever comes of this. With a spread that large, I tend to just say 'Hmm' and wait to see what else happens instead of panicking for no reason whatsoever." So there you go.

Mizzou Football Links

A very controversial pick for Springfield prep athlete of the year, if you ask me...

  • DGB
    Springfield News-Leader: Once-in-a-lifetime talent in Springfield's Dorial Green-Beckham

    Come senior year, he was a marked man. Defenses were designed to stop him, but nobody in southwest Missouri could find a way to slow him down in football.

    In front of a national television audience on ESPNU, Green-Beckham opened the season with 18 catches, 284 yards and three touchdowns in a win against Seneca.

    The records kept falling throughout, most notably the national receiving record. He broke it Oct. 27 against Republic.

    He then took the Hornets to the Class 4 state quarterfinals, their deepest postseason run ever, before taking Hillcrest back to state in basketball, falling one win short of another state title.

    Green-Beckham skipped track season to concentrate on football workouts, and trained five times a week during the spring.

    "He’s ready; he’s physically ready," John Beckham said. "My biggest worry with him is just the expectations. He’s dealt with it pretty well, but it’s just a lot bigger fishbowl now."

  • The Tennessee Line Is A Bit Surprising, But Otherwise...
    The Trib: No respect? Mizzou underdog in 6 games
  • 2014 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: [Hiawatha, KS DE Peyton] Newell draws big praise
  • Some Links About Marcus Bacon A Couple Of Days Later
    The Trib: Former Tigers LB Bacon killed in car accident
    KC Star: Former Missouri linebacker dies in auto accident
    Sporting News: Missouri linebacker Marcus Bacon dies in car crash

Other Football Links

  • Good Idea
    SB Nation (Jason Kirk): Avoid Being A Horrible Person: Your College Football Fall Wedding Guide

    But let's say you're stuck with putting on a wedding in the fall. I won't pry into why you've set yourself up like this. We're not here to judge anything other than what a bad person you are.

    Now that you've made a mistake, please, please try to proceed with football in mind from this point on. Because you still have to pick a specific Saturday, and certain Saturdays are better than others. This isn't to say that picking the worst college football Saturday is acceptable. Not by any means. Your guests will grumble, huddle around phones, smuggle a TV or just straight up run away.

    Last year, I made it out of a fall Saturday wedding for a lifelong friend in 23 minutes, catching up on LSU-Auburn on the way out with a local matriarch who was also leaving early. SB Nation associates were wowed when I declared, "brb wedding," and returned shortly after, but it's a required skill around these parts.

  • Bootlegger's Boy
    SB Nation (Spencer Hall): 'We Kicked Their Ass': An Interview With Barry Switzer


  • The Mizzou Fan's Survival Guide To The SEC
    The Trib: Get cozy with new SEC foes

    As one of three co-writers for "The Mizzou Fan's Survival Guide to the SEC," I spent many early mornings, late nights and days off from my real job cramming hours of research and writing into a schedule that didn't have much free time to begin with. But in a few short months, my fellow authors — veteran sportswriters Ron Higgins and Steve Richardson — and I put together a must-have for all Missouri fans as they prepare for life in the Southeastern Conference. And by they, I mean you!

    The first payoff came last Sunday, my George McFly moment, when I received boxes of books, each one with my name splattered across the cover.

    "Like I've always told you," George says at the end of "Back to the Future," holding up a copy of his first published novel, "you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links


  • Pacquiao-Bradley
    Ken Pomeroy: Just how crazy was the Pacquiao/Bradley decision?
    Grantland: A look at conspiracy theories in boxing following the controversial decision between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley Jr.
  • The Dream Team An Oral History of the 1992 US Olympic Basketball Dream Team on the 20th Anniversary: Profiles