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Mizzou Links, 6-13-12

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Live from Faurot Field ... it's Mizzou-Western Illinois on the SEC Network!
Live from Faurot Field ... it's Mizzou-Western Illinois on the SEC Network!

Mizzou Football Links

Really, really nice job by the Missourian on this one.

  • An All-Time Great
    The Missourian: Missouri football pioneer Mel West never dwelled on past success

    Because he had graduated high school a semester early and enrolled at MU in January 1957, Stevenson became the first African-American to get a football scholarship at the school. After a successful playing career, he went on to help soothe the relationship between Missouri and black recruits in St. Louis, his hometown. Missouri made a $25,000 scholarship in Stevenson’s name and dedicated its Plaza of Champions to him.

    Time and distance have all but erased West’s story, though.

    Don’t bother asking his teammates the name of his wife or the nature of his work or why he moved to Minnesota. They know little about his life after football. Usually, they end up asking the questions. Some wonder how he's doing.

    Melvin G. West died in Burnsville, Minn., in 2003. He was 64. In Columbia, where West was born, nothing was written. The Minneapolis-St. Paul newspapers ran an obituary that was reprinted in Jefferson City, but few of his teammates ever saw it. Even for some of West’s closest college buddies, his passing was more of a rumor.

    "I thought he had died," former teammate Danny LaRose says. "Then I thought somebody had said maybe he was still alive and not doing well. I honestly wasn’t sure."

  • 2014 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Coleman Key's turn in the spotlight

Other Football Links

  • This Was Such An Enormous Flag

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Party Almost Started
    Mizzou Network: Laurence Bowers Nearing Full Speed
  • A Little More About The Story I Don't Want To Hear More About
    KC Star: MU officials confident that fan charged with drug offenses did not influence players
  • Quin
    The Trib (Steve Walentik): Snyder in running to coach Charlotte Bobcats


Clay Travis' piece below is a relatively fun read despite the funky math (no way does the SEC Network pull in $3 per month per subscriber) and the deluge of one-sentence paragraphs. The bottom line is that, even at just $1 per month per subscriber, the SEC Network can pretty quickly match the per-school payout of the Big Ten network. Neat.

And yeah, never mind the live games (which, with that many games on the docket, could pull in some pretty good broadcast teams) ... I'm pretty excited about the back catalog that the SEC network could put together with ESPN's assistance as well.

  • One Billlllllion Dollars
    Outkick The Coverage: SEC Network Could Carry 40-50 Football Games a Season

    Presently there are just 27 SEC football games that ESPN doesn't have the rights to carry every year.

    Thirteen of those games air on CBS and will remain on the national network once a new rights fee is negotiated. The other 14 games are more interesting, individual games retained by the individual schools to distribute on their own pay-per-view telecasts within their own state markets. Typically these games are poorly produced local telecasts that leave fans fuming. They also cost a lot of money -- individual games can retail for as much as $50. Eventually these retained, so-called third tier games, would roll into the existing framework of the SEC Network. Rather than pay $50 per game, SEC fans would get all 14 of these games to watch for around $1 a month, or $12 a year in subscriber fees buried in existing cable bills.

    Yep, a much better deal.

    ESPN owns everything else, but these 27 games. That's in the neighborhood of 80-85 games a year. […]

    Now, stop with the emails. I know you watch SEC games on CSS or FoxSports or other non-ESPN channels, but those are sub-rights that ESPN has sold to those companies.

    And those sub-rights expire beginning in 2014.

    Just in time for those rights to roll back into the mix for a new SEC Network.

    Convenient, right?

Mizzou Baseball Links


I'm glad I didn't pay to watch USA-Guatemala yesterday (why the hell was it on pay-per-view????). I would have absolutely lost my mind when Jozy Altidore got screwed out of a late goal because the ref forgot to play advantage after a foul. That is an absurd mistake. (Of course, from everything else I read, the U.S. didn't exactly earn a win anyway, but still...)

    SB Nation: USA Vs. Guatemala: Marco Pappa Steals 1-1 Draw
    Dirty Tackle: The Marco Pappa free kick that froze Tim Howard and gave Guatemala a draw
  • This Will Kill Both My Wife And Mother House Hunters Has Been Selling You a Big Lie
    A.V. Club: HGTV's totally fake House Hunters is still totally fake