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Saturday Live Thread

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1. Leitao Comes Aboard

I did a Getty Images search for Leitao this morning, and in almost every picture, he either had his arms outstretched, his hands on his head, his mouth wide open and yelling, or some combination of the three. I enjoyed it, in other words. Leitao is an intense guy with a load of experience; as with Melvin Watkins on Mike Anderson's staff, I wouldn't necessarily want him as my team's head coach, but I'm thrilled to have him as an assistant. Mizzou Basketball Announces Hiring Of Dave Leitao
Mizzou Network: 1 on 1 with Dave Leitao
The Trib: Leitao joining Haith's staff at Missouri
KC Star: MU hires Dave Leitao as assistant coach
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou hires former DePaul, Virginia coach Leitao as assistant
KBIA Sports: Dave Leitao hired as assistant coach for Mizzou men’s basketball team
Fox Sports MW: Mizzou adds veteran head coach to staff

2. Marcus Denmon Works Out With Trail Blazers

Portland has two lottery picks and two second-rounders. Evidently they're considering Senor Denmoney with one of the second-round spots. 2012 NBA draft: Marcus Denmon talks about his predraft workout for the Trail Blazers

3. Blaine Gabbert "A Different Player"

One thing Blaine Gabbert has going for him is that he was the youngest player to ever start 14 games in the NFL. So while 2011 was a rather miserable experience for Gabbert and the Jags, there is nothing guaranteeing he won't pull it together because nobody's been tossed into the deep end so young. I'm not 100 percent optimistic, obviously, and nobody should be. But he still has a chance to prove himself, and the Jags are certainly committing to him. Blaine Gabbert a different player in Jaguars' eyes


Bob Dylan finished recording "Like A Rolling Stone" 47 years ago today. Thirty-nine days later, he played it at the Newport Folk Festival.

Johanna's Visions: Today: Bob Dylan recorded Master version of “Like A Rolling Stone” in 1965 – 47 years ago