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Father's Day Live Thread

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On Mother's Day, one of my presents to my wife was the time to cook something. It had been a while, and she loves to cook, you see. Anyway, she returned the favor. One of my presents: getting to grill anything I want. So steak, buffalo steak and quail are on the menu for lunch today. What are your plans?

Also: Happy Father's Day to all you Rock M daddies (and, I guess, future daddies) out there.

Here's one of my favorite recent Mizzou-related father-and-son stories:

Franklin has his dad's right arm. Willie didn't just play receiver at OU, he threw the javelin. Rather, he launched the javelin. The thing soared 242 feet, 9 inches one day in '71. It's still a Sooners record.

Willie was strong and agile enough to be an accomplished wrestler. He had the hands and speed to score a couple of big touchdowns during OU's '70 season, a 75-yarder in a 1-point win at Iowa State, and a 10-yarder to tie Nebraska in the fourth quarter in Lincoln. […]

"I did jump rope and push-ups when I was six," Franklin said. "They kept me active, but never stressed playing sports. When I wanted to play football, I couldn't until I could do 500 push-ups. My dad wanted me to build up my body so I wouldn't get hurt."

Franklin reached his push-ups milestone, strapped on a helmet, and hasn't removed it much since. He says he enjoys football and the spotlight that comes with it. [...]

"I realize that if you're playing football you are put on a pedestal. So I want to use that by reaching out to people and being a big example for them," he said. "That's the number one important thing, not how you play football but how you conduct yourself.