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Mizzou Links, 6-19-12

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Kim English: frequent flyer.
Kim English: frequent flyer.

Mizzou Football Links

We've got a couple of interesting recruiting developments with the two links below. First, Damion Hobbs, a three-star quarterback from Cedar Hill (TX) is getting ready to decide between Nebraska, Missouri and Arkansas State. He certainly had a lot of good things to say about Mizzou in the article below, though for all we know he was just as effusive about Nebraska in some interview with NU folks. And though ASU might seem like an odd third finalist ... Gus Malzahn is still Gus Malzahn. Here are some YouTube clips. If Trent Hosick (Missouri's other QB commit in this class) plays the Tim Tebow style of quarterback, then Hobbs appears to play ... well, the James Franklin style. Lots of zone read, decent power (though he isn't nearly as big as Franklin) and open-field running ability, solid at passing on the run. Mizzou evidently told Hosick from the start that they would be recruiting two quarterbacks in this class; one should be making his decision pretty quickly.

The other link here is particularly interesting. Tyree and Tyrell Robinson are 6-foot-4 brothers from San Diego who are a two-sport package deal -- wherever they go, they will go together, and they will be playing both football and basketball. But here's the deal: they're also very, very good. Tyree is the No. 124 football player in the 2013 recruiting class (highlights here) and the No. 71 basketball player in the 2013 recruiting class. Tyrell is No. 238 in football (highlights here) and a three-star basketball recruit. I have to assume they don't end up leaving the west coast, but they went out of their way to mention Missouri below, along with every western school in existence. Scoring at least a visit from this pair would be fantastic. We'll see. As with most big-time, very-out-of-state recruiting battles, Mizzou's chances are probably quite slim here. But evidently they do at least have a chance.

Other Football Links

Ah, yes. Transparency. The problem with the BCS is that the computer formulas (that the BCS committee manipulated beyond usefulness in some cases) are just not transparent enough. Sigh.

Mizzou Basketball Links

Mizzou Baseball Links

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Other Mizzou Links

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