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Saturday Live Thread

Rally Baby and her parents are headed to the Botanical Gardens today. And who knows, maybe we hop over and see the penguins at the St. Louis Zoo again as well. Tawlk amongst yourselves.

1. What's Your Favorite Highlight? You may have noticed that quite a few SBN blogs this week took part in a "favorite highlight" series of sponsored posts. It's always a fun topic, and we've probably beaten some of these clips to death through the years, but ... what's your all-time favorite? Sod Reesing? The Sonny Riccio fake field goal? Gahn McGaffie? Corby Jones to Eddie Brooks? For the older crowd, what are some of your favorite highlights from the 1970s? 1980s? Hell, 1960s?

2. Legacies Are Awesome. So it turns out Melvin Booker's son, Devin, is pretty damn good. And it turns out he likes Missouri quite a bit.

And make no mistake about it, the chance for Devin – who attends the same Mississippi high school his dad did and has also been offered by Arkansas, Mississippi, Mississippi State and Michigan – to follow his dad at Missouri was part of the recruiting pitch laid out by MU head coach Frank Haith and associate head coach Tim Fuller.

"We talked about following in my dad’s footsteps, though this experience will ultimately be about me," said Devin, who (according to Rivals) averaged around 23 points, eight rebounds and four assists per game last season at Moss Point High School, where Melvin is currently an assistant coach.

"They said Missouri would love to have me," Devin continued, "and that all the fans that supported my dad would support me."

Don’t underestimate the power of that last pitch. Melvin said he comes back to Columbia with his son – who grew up wearing Missouri gear – once or twice a year, and it always feels like he never left.