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Sunday Live Thread

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Ashton Glaser will remain with Missouri for his final two years of eligibility.
Ashton Glaser will remain with Missouri for his final two years of eligibility.

Today's storylines:

1. Mizzou Baseball Is Still Alive.

Last night was a pretty clear case for not giving up on a game too early. Mizzou trailed, 2-1, after 7.5 innings and had spent most of the last few innings looking completely hopeless on offense. They couldn't get on base, and they really couldn't advance runners. But instead of trying to bunt and play small ball in the eighth, they started swinging the bats. With one out, Conner Mach doubled to left center, and, after a pitching change, Dane Opel singled him home. After another pitching change, Michael McGraw and Scott Sommerfeld each tripled to left. By the time Eric Garcia singled up the middle, a 2-1 deficit was a 6-2 lead. For the game, McGraw and Sommerfeld combined to go 5-for-8 with four RBIs and three runs, and Mizzou made good on a strong performance from Rob Zastryzny (6.0 innings, two earned runs, five strikeouts). Their reward? A long-sought shot at revenge versus Louisville, who upset Mizzou in the 2007 regionals in Columbia.

What: NCAA Baseball Regionals
Who: Mizzou vs. Louisville
When: 6:00 p.m. CT

Win this one, and all they have to do is beat Arizona twice to make the Super Regionals! It's that easy. Mizzou Rallies to Extend Season With 6-2 Win
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2. Mizzou Has Pulled Off A Magic Act Before

Arizona has looked merciless thus far, but it is at least worth noting that Mizzou has pulled off the "Lose the first game, win the next four" feat before.

Loss One
Win One (in 14 innings)
Win Two
Win Three
Win Four

Who steps up to become the new Rick Zagone and the new Aaron Crow?

3. Corbin Berkstresser Charged With Misdemeanor

The Trib: Berkstresser's wreck leads to misdemeanor charge

A felony charge could have led to his dismissal, but while he will still almost certainly face discipline from this (I'm guessing a one-game suspension), he can now officially be reinstated to the team.

4. Ashton Glaser To Return For His Final Two Years

With summer school starting soon, Glaser had to decide between finishing his career at Mizzou (and risking two more years of riding the bench) or transferring somewhere in search of playing time. He chose the former.