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Mizzou Links, 6-4-12


Mizzou Baseball Links

Nice late run by Tim Jamieson's Tigers. Obviously Mizzou faces a pretty intimidating leap to the SEC -- worry all you want about the football team, but the SEC takes diamond sports very seriously -- but it was nice to leave the Big 12 with a conference tournament title and a NCAA Tournament win...

Mizzou Football Links

  • Mailbag!
    The Trib (Dave Matter): The Still Nameless Twitter Mailbag

    @bmikekorte Any early thoughts on which freshmen might avoid the redshirt?

    I think you can count on a certain receiver from Springfield playing this season. The Tigers should give a good look at the incoming defensive tackles, Evan Winston and Harold Brantley. Tailbacks will have every opportunity to make earn some looks, too, especially Morgan Steward. I wouldn’t be surprised if Evan Boehm gets into the mix at guard, maybe in a rotation with some of the veterans. And if there’s a linebacker or two who can contribute on special teams, they could see the field quickly.

  • So We've Got THIS Going For Us...
    Birmingham News: SEC notes: Missouri has impressive record against its new conference
  • Because It's Been A While Since We Talked About Turf...
    Mizzou Network: Rubber and Sand added to Faurot Field

Other Football Links

  • PLAYoff?
    Yahoo! Sports (Dan Wetzel): A playoff of the top four ranked teams is better than giving conference champs automatic entry
    The Missourian: SEC supports playoff that includes 4 best teams
    Post-Dispatch: SEC has firm stance on football playoff
  • Recruiting
    MGoBlog: What's a 5 Star Really Worth: Predicting Future Team Success Off of Recruiting Rankings
  • We Run This Town
    The Trib: Football ate rest of the wide world

Mizzou Basketball Links

So I guess Mizzou still has one player active in the 2011-12 sports year ... and hey, he can still jump! (And yes, I know Mizzou still has some tracksters going, too.)

  • Duh
    KC Star: Mike Dixon to start for Tigers
  • Keyon
    SB Nation: Keyon Dooling Celebrates Like He Had A Lot Of 5 Hour Energy



  • The War Of Words
    KC Star: Big 12-MU spat doesn't help KC

Other Mizzou Links