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Mizzou Links, 6-6-12

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DGB because the Springfield camp was yesterday, and because ... well ... I was hurting for a picture here.
DGB because the Springfield camp was yesterday, and because ... well ... I was hurting for a picture here.

It's a baseball-heavy (and links post today, huh?

Mizzou Football Links

  • Mizzou's Springfield Camp
    PowerMizzou: Camp Notebook: Springfield

Other Football Links

  • Luck
    SB Nation: Better To Be Lucky Than Good In College Football

    [I]f you are an Alabama fan, you got here through a long chain of decisions that had nothing to do with you at all. You had to be born into a connection, first of all, since most people inherit their fanhood. Secondly, Alabama football had to be good for you to like it, and that quality came about through a century of decision-making, commitment, financing, and what marketers would loathesomely refer to as "brand-building." The institution allowing the University to share its breathing space exists now because of hundreds of thousands of hours of devoted attention, often at the expense of other far more important things.

    This is true of any large program, but hard work only takes you so far. The third and most fickle of the things making football teams good is the lightning strike of pure, blind luck.

    In Alabama's case, they have indeed been very lucky. We don't talk about Texas A&M's 20-year run from 1960 to 1980 because in real life Bear Bryant left College Station to return to Alabama and took his once-in-a-generation coaching talent with it. Going back even further, we do not talk about Arkansas' amazing dominance in the 1940s under a young Bryant because Pearl Harbor happened, and the actual Bryant turned down the Razorbacks' offer to coach their football team to join the Navy instead. You owe Emperor Hirohito, Crimson Tide fans. You owe him big-time.*

    *A fun historical side note: the University of Maryland's President pissed off Bryant by meddling in football affairs, and Bryant left without regrets. This is just to point out that like big programs' successes, Maryland's ability to screw things up in football is a skill they developed over time and not without some effort.

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: New name on Tigers' radar

Mizzou Baseball Links

The MLB Draft process is certainly unique to baseball ... Blake Brown and a bunch of Missouri recruits were drafted, and now we sit back and wait to see how much the draft hurt the 2013 Missouri baseball team. Good times.

(And yeah, I would say Blake Brown fits the precise definition of "raw and toolsy," huh?

  • And Now We Wait
    The Trib: MU's Brown drafted by Braves
    Talking Chop: Atlanta Braves 2012 MLB Draft Results: Rounds 3-7

    The Braves nab a raw and toolsy college Junior with their fifth pick. This kid is the definition of high-risk, high-reward. He has terrific overall tools, but apparently doesn't play up to their full potential, holding back at times. Brown possesses good speed and has lots of power potential, but strikes out far too much, revealing a hesitant and unrefined approach to the plate. But teams can't always draft finished products, and it will be up to the Braves system to mold Brown into the player his tools say he can be. That ceiling could be very high.

    Here is a link to video of Brown as a Junior at Missouri.
    You can follow him on Twitter @BSQUARED39.

    The Missourian: Missouri outfielder drafted in fifth round by Atlanta Braves MLB Draft: Blake Brown Drafted By Atlanta Braves MLB Draft: MU Recruit Alec Rush Drafted By Phillies MLB Draft: MU Recruit Bralin Jackson Drafted By Tampa Bay MLB Draft: MU Recruit Hunter Haynes Drafted By Royals MU in the 2012 Draft: Will they stay or will they go?

    Drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 5th round as the 179th overall pick in the draft. According to the bonus percentage chart, Brown cannot be signed for over $222,400. If he were to return to MU for his senior year and put up even better numbers that moved him up even one round, that bonus limit could rise up to $300,000 or more. It's a gamble whether to have that much faith in doing appreciably better next season, or do no better and actually drop a round or more because of lost negotiation leverage. Moving down a round could lower the bonus to $150,000 or lower.

  • Those Already In The Pros... MU in the Majors & Minors: Crow, Nicholas, Tepesch, Mathis
  • Year In Review
    The Trib: Tigers baseball salvaged so-so season with Big 12 title
  • Mike McGraw
    YouTube: ESPNU Campus Connection: Missouri's Mike McGraw