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Rock M Roundtable!

It's Alabama Week, so I was going to attempt to reel in an Alabama fan to join us, but they wisely avoided it. So we'll talk about Alabama all by ourselves!

1. Rank the following 2012 Missouri football games in order of most likely win to most likely loss: Georgia, at South Carolina, Alabama, at Florida. Are you cowed enough by Alabama's recent success that you feel they are the least likely win of the bunch, or does Mizzou have a fighting chance at home?

2. Alabama has won two of the last three national titles. Nick Saban says he is going to coach in Tuscaloosa until he retires ... and he's only 60. If he stays there for, say, another 10 years, how many titles do you think he can win? Can he pull in another three to five, or do even great runs from great coaches have small shelf lives in today's college football? Bobby Bowden trailed off, as did many others; can Saban keep this pace up?

3. Name a better college basketball name than Wimp Sanderson. I dare you.

4. Never mind football ... never mind baseball ... does Missouri's biggest challenge with the move to the SEC come in the barbecue department? Because I've gotta tell you ... Dreamland BBQ sauce might be my all-time favorite.

The Beef: 1. I really do feel like the Alabama game is the least likely win of them all. Getting them at home helps that feeling a bit, but not a ton. I like the UGA game because I believe MU will have a LOT of things going for it (hopefully time of game, suspensions of UGA players, first SEC game, etc...). I think the SC game is the next most likely to be lost because it is on the road and early in the year (1st road game and only 4th game of the season). I think the UF game is interesting because I don’t know what to expect from them, but the game is later and MU should have their legs solidly under them at that point. But even with whatever Alabama lost to the early rounds of the NFL Draft, I simply assume more is coming in behind it because of Saban and their program. So I will say UGA, UF, SC, Bama to answer the question officially.

2. I think 3-5 MORE titles for Saban puts him at a level that would be REALLY tough to reach, even for Saban. 3-5 more titles makes him an all-time top 2 or 3 ever. I think he has another title or two in him...but 3-5 seems a bit much given how college football is currently built and one, perfectly timed, bad day can erase your title hopes.

3. I always liked Tubby Smith as a name. However, in trying to employ google for this, I came upon this nugget that completely escaped me from my childhood from a website of funny names.

"Dr. & Dr. Doctor (real married doctors from Norwalk, CT)"

Yep...think about those "Spies Like Us"-style introductions. (Norwalk is my hometown by the way for those that missed it). And the website I landed on gave me girls coach Sandy Botham as a I will go with that so my work was not in vein.

4. Can’t say I have had Dreamland, but whatever RPT’s mom sent me for rescuing him from the Good Friday tornado was pretty damn good.

RPT: 1. UGA/Florida/Sakerlina/Alabama. Teams that have beaten Alabama in the last three years have played at near perfection plus gotten a couple of bounces. I don't like my odds there.

2. The issue with Saban's longevity has nothing to do with Alabama itself. Alabama's biggest challenge is that its direct competitors are in its own backyard and are fighting over the same talent pool. The last dynasty before Alabama had a monopoly on the entire West Coast and a stranglehold on the conference. Maybe it's a style thing, but Alabama hasn't waltzed through conference play like dynasties in the past.Two or three in a 10-year period is a relatively safe number, I would think, just because of the threats so close to their own borders.

3. Dr. TJ Soyoye

4. No, and I don't say that as a blind KC BBQ homer like most. I agree with Bill wholeheartedly that Dreamland's sauce is perhaps the most addictive substance on the planet, which is good considering it covers what is some completely average meat. The meat itself in Missouri is far higher quality and is cooked in superior fashion. To that end, the first Missourian to prepare a good cut of meat and slather it in Dreamland sauce will forever be my leader.

Michael Atchison: 1. I agree with Ross.

2. Saban will win twelve titles over the next ten years.

3. God Shammgod was always a favorite.

4. I call for barbecue détente. It’s like the Beatles and Stones. It’s all good and all of it should be enjoyed.

RPT: Atch is absolutely right about the barbeque. But not about the other thing. #TeamStones

The Beef: Will SEC fans really understand détente? Hell...will OUR fans understand it?

ZouDave: So Alabama fans are wussing out when faced with the prospect of dealing with Missouri? Tell Auburn fans that, that’ll make sure they participate next week.

1 – Georgia, at SoCar, at Florida, Alabama. I believe we’ll have a fighting chance against Alabama, because it’s at home and Missouri simply isn’t a bad team, but it’s going to have to be one of those days where it starts off really well (like a KR TD to open the game, or a couple of special teams fumbles by Alabama in the rain) because Alabama is pretty good at football.

2 – I’d say maybe another 2 or 3, tops. Saban and Alabama are really freaking good, but they don’t have the market literally cornered in that regard. LSU is really good. USC is trying to come back. Urban Meyer up at Ohio State obviously has something to say about it. Texas and Oklahoma can’t just be completely disregarded. I just think it’s really, really difficult to achieve this at all and to think anyone can just continue riding a hand this hot seems to go against most historical data.

3 – Tim Jumper, former Ole Miss standout. How can you NOT be a great basketball player with the last name Jumper?

4 – Look there’s good BBQ in a lot of areas of the country. Texas BBQ is good. Memphis BBQ is good. Heck, there’s a BBQ place in Little Rock, AR, that I ate at some years ago that was exceptional. But you’re talking about something that Missouri excels at across the state. It’s kind of like the south in football…they don’t always have the absolute best team, but even their "bad" teams are better than almost everyone else’s good teams. You might be able to find a specific place here or there that immediately stands up with the best KC and the rest of Missouri has to offer in BBQ, but when it comes down to it this is still the best state in the country to get that product.

(50 minutes later)

The Beef: So really? This is how we are starting off "Welcome to the SEC" Weeks? With this piddly-ass effort?

As an aside...anyone in/around/familiar with the Portland, OR area? I am headed there at the end of the month on business (to Vancouver, WA, but will have a rental car so can hop across the river) and would love to know some good food and micro-brew places.

Bill C.: From my eight hours per day of watching Food Network and Cooking Channel, I can tell you that you should go to Voodoo Doughnut and get yourself the original maple-bacon donut.

The Beef: Ooooooooooooh right...forgot that place was there...may have to see if I can make a trip over early in the morning

SleepyFloyd7: 1 - Georgia, @ Florida, Alabama, @ USCe - 94 days until the Georgia game.

2 - I think it's about to get a little harder to win a national championship. That being said, Saban certainly has built up the momentum needed to be in the conversation for the next decade. I'll say 3.

3 - Hippolyte Tsafack (F Memphis)

4 - Of the SEC people I have talked to, they want to see what we have to offer in that regard. I'll say this - while I THINK Mizzou can compete in the SEC, I KNOW Missouri BBQ can compete.

As for Portland (I lived there for 8 years) -

- Voodoo is amazing - "The Magic is in The Hole" - if I remember correctly, they open at 10p and close in the morning.

- Stanitch's

- McMenamin's pubs are scattered about the area. Each tailored to the individual neighborhood. Beers are very good.

- Bridgeport Brew Pub solid pizza and top notch beers in NW PDX.

- Pho Van - just Amazing.

- the best Sushi I had there was here - just sit at the bar and give the guy a Bring-It-On move.

- Make sure you take a few hours to check out one of my favorite places on Earth - Powell's City of Books

- The Zoo is great if the little Beefs are going, as is the Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden.

- If you have a day off, head up to Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood or over to Cannon Beach on the coast.

Man, I loved Portland.

The Beef: So I don’t think the Food Network did true justice to the menu of donuts there...

My favorites so far while scrolling:

Grape Ape
Raised yeast doughnut with vanilla frosting, grape dust and lavender sprinkles!

Mango Tango
Raised yeast doughnut filled with mango jelly and topped with vanilla frosting and tang!

Texas Challenge
Giant Doughnut equals 6 of our dougnuts in size. If you can eat this doughut in 80 seconds or less...You get your money back!

Memphis Mafia
Fried dough with banana chunks and cinnamon sugar covered in a glaze with chocolate frosting, peanut butter, peanuts and chocolate chips on top!

D-Sing: They used to have a NyQuil donut if I remember some of the pieces I've seen. Then the FDA stepped in.

D-Sing: 1. Georgia, Florida, Carolina, Alabama from most likely to least likely. Georgia might be the easiest because of how early in the year it is. Alabama worries me even though it's here. I think the two road games can be winnable.

2. It depends on how this whole playoff argument sorts itself out. I do think that Saban is so laser focused and expects so much out of the team that I could see 2 more titles in a decade. 3 might be pushing it. But it'll depend on what the postseason model looks like over the next decade.

3. Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje? Luc Richard-Mbah A Moute?

4. As long as you know what you're doing, I really don't care where the 'cue comes from. I just want it on my plate and going into my belly. I was raised on Eastern North Carolina style 'cue, but have come to love all styles.

And now I'm hungry and dreaming about 'cue while at the gym. Great.

The Beef: Well...the "Special" at Stanich’s is now on my list:

"THE SPECIAL" - The Worlds Greatest Hamburger - Includes Fresh Ground Chuck, Cheese, Ham, Bacon, Egg, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onions, Etc.


Had heard good stuff about McMenamin’s. Also was recommended I go to the Portland City Grille on the 36th floor of the US Bank Building for Happy Hour and the view.

ZouDave: Seriously…this talk about BBQ, donuts, etc., in this roundtable is just freaking killing me.

KU Doug: You can't reel in a fan from your new conference, however, a fan from your former conference (the one that was holding you back and stifling your dreams) is still hanging around. Yeah, this whole SEC thing is off to a tremendous start.

1 - I don't really want to put in the effort to answer this one. But, I will say South Carolina, followed by everybody else.

2 - Most coaches, regardless of sport, trail off the older they get. Maybe Saban can shake the trend, but the older you get, the more you rely on assistant coaches, and the more your assistant coaches are "yes men," the less likely your continued success.

3 - Yeah, I think others have taken care of this one.

4 - Seriously? BBQ is your big concern? If there is one thing I will give a portion of the state of Missouri credit for, it is kicking everyone's collective ass at the breadth and width of quality smoked meats in the Kansas City area. Screw St. Louis. Just because you have a cut of ribs named after you, doesn't mean your city does BBQ right.

That may have come off as hostile. I apologize. I've been living in Albuquerque for nearly two years. There is no good BBQ in Albuquerque. I have no grill at home. I don't think I handle withdrawal well.

Personal question, I'm flying through Minneapolis-St Paul on Monday. If the airport gods smile on me, I'll have approximately 30 minutes to make a connection on Delta. Anyone else been through that airport? Will I make my flight?

ZouDave: You’ll make your flight. That airport has a great subway/tram system in it that gets you from point A to point B. I’ve flown out of there a couple of times, it’s one of the easier ones to get around IMHO.

KU Doug: That's good to hear. The map is a little daunting, but I'm hoping my gates aren't too far apart.

The Beef: Hmmm....flying into the main terminal...since it is Delta, you may have to cross over terminals. ZD is right (though I have never flown THROUGH MSP, just into it) about the inter-terminal transportation, but 30 minutes is going to be tight no matter how you slice it

RPT: I know I read SEC Week Roundtables on Rock M Nation for the hot airport opinions.

The Beef: Just trying to change up what we see when next you look up our google hits

SleepyFloyd7: Off topic here (ahem), but I am headed to Bonnaroo this weekend for 4 days of live music down on the farm. Here is the lineup.

I'll post my must-see list in a bit, but what shows would you not want to miss?

The Beef: I was always a sucker for Phish growing up in the northeast in the early 90’s. Beyond that, poor Nick Thune only has 1 person who added him to their schedule, and it is either Nick or his mother. So I would see him...since I imagine I could get close to the stage.

Beyond that...cue Atch and Bill C

Michael Atchison: Aside from some of the obvious folk near the top of the bill, I’d definitely check out Santigold. Love her. I also love Dawes. Battles could be fun if you dig math-rock, and I don’t know what Spectrum Road are going to sound like, but that’s an amazing group of musicians (I met Vernon Reid moons ago when I booked Living Colour into Jesse Auditorium, and he was a surpassingly nice guy). I really like Kurt Vile’s most recent album (and I love that that’s his given name). Glossary is a kick-ass alt-country band with some serious pop chops. Not a lot of ways to go wrong. Enjoy.

The Beef: But we agree Nick Thune might be one of those ways to go wrong, yes?

Bill C.: Oh man, the North Mississippi Allstars/Robert Randolph combination should be ridiculous. Roots are obviously good. I assume Fun puts on at least a decent show. I love that Kenny Rogers and Black Star are on the same line, as are Ludacris and Ben Folds Five. Oh, and … "Garfunkel & Oates"? Really?

The Beef: Um....Really.

Probably not safe for work

ZouDave: Call me when Dishwalla makes a comeback.

The Beef: Considering the official Dishwalla website is a MySpace page...I don’t think they are coming back any time soon

SleepyFloyd7: Garfunkel & Oates with Colin Hay in the Comedy Tent (will not be missed).

Mariachi El Bronx, Gary Clark Jr, Alabama Shakes, Sharon Jones and Dap Kings, Punch Brothers (Man, I love to watch Chris Thiele play the mandolin), Santigold, Brian Posehn, Ben Folds, Radiohead, and I will make sure to see at least some of the Beach Boys and Skrillex.

They also do a Superjam, where they bring in people from different bands to play a surprise set. This year it's ?uestlove and Very Special Guests. 3 (or was it 4) years ago, it was ?uestlove with Ben Harper and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin). Amazing.


The Beef: Don’t imagine you want to touch the most experienced QB at camp (Brees is holding out...yes?)

SleepyFloyd7: Here is the pic

Michael Atchison: The defense was angry when they learned the bounty program didn’t apply to practice.