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Mizzou Moves To The SEC: The Closers Talk Alabama, Part II

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Monday: Alabama Is Good At Football
Tuesday: Alabama Basketball Has Had Its Moments
Wednesday: The Closers Talk Alabama, Part I
Wednesday: Rock M Roundtable

After speaking with Chase Goodbread of the Tuscaloosa News and on Tuesday, SleepyFloyd7 and The Closers foolishly brought me in yesterday evening to continue the discussion about Alabama. Join us as we talk about...

  • Nick Saban doesn't care to make friends.
  • ...Alabama's sustained success, from the 1920s to the present tense.
  • ...what Mizzou has to do to beat Alabama in October (hint: you're up, Marcus Lucas, L'Damian Washington and Dorial Green-Beckham).

Sadly, we didn't talk about lactation this time. But you should have a listen anyway.