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Mizzou Links, 7-10-12

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Ashton Glaser photo via Bill Carter.
Ashton Glaser photo via Bill Carter.

Mizzou Football Links

I'm not sure when the narrative shifted from "Yeah, good luck running that offense in the SEC" to "Okay, the offense is good, but good luck with that defense," but it most certainly has. (And it's an even weirder meme considering Missouri doesn't play Arkansas or LSU, two of the best offenses in the conference.)

  • 2012
    Birmingham News: Mizzou has a prolific QB and weapons galore on offense, but can its defense hang with the best of the SEC?
  • Glaser
    The Trib: MU backup QB Ashton Glaser says he will transfer
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Four and Out

    I don’t think anyone who pays close attention to MU football is surprised by this. Glaser has had a couple years now to climb the depth chart, and it became apparent he was getting no higher than No. 3, barring injuries or unforeseen roster turnover. He showed flashes of ability in MU’s spread attack the last few years, but he threw too many interceptions to make a serious run at the starting job. At times, he’d make some reckless throws into coverage. At times, he’d get frustrated with his place on the depth chart. At times, he’d push the ball down the field better than any QB on the team. But his production wasn’t consistent, and sometimes he’d seem to attempt the kind of risky pass that an established starting quarterback would never make in practice. But I’ve always admired his toughness. Teammates used to call him Radar, because he’d look for contact when scrambling past the line of scrimmage. He knew what he was in for at Missouri — he enrolled a semester early in 2009, along with home-state star Blaine Dalton — and didn’t flinch at the idea of competition.

    "When I was 11 years old, I was kind of a fat kid and didn’t make it on a traveling soccer team I tried out for," he told me back in 2008, during his senior year at Springdale, Ark., High School. "So I had to try out for another team that wasn’t so good. We ended up beating the other team, and from there on out, ever since I was told I wasn’t good enough to be on that team, I’ve pushed myself to be the best. It’s just a drive that I have."

    The Missourian: Missouri backup quarterback Ashton Glaser to transfer to Missouri State
    KC Star: Backup MU quarterback to transfer
    Post-Dispatch: Tigers backup QB Glaser to transfer
  • Oh Good, It's Watch List Season
    The Trib: James Franklin named to Maxwell Award watch list

Other Football Links

  • Playoff!
    Team Speed Kills: Four Is Enough: Why The New College Football Playoff's Bracket Is The Right Size

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Predator
    Mizzou Network: Mike Dixon Ready for '12-'13
  • Summer League Pistons 76, Jazz 73 Detroit Pistons open summer league play with 76-73 victory over Utah Jazz



  • This Would Have Been AWESOME
    The Tennessean: Sun Belt commissioner Benson explored membership options for league

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

  • Genovese Corrin Genovese Looks For Ways To Improve
  • Diaspora Mizzou Diaspora: Rash Words, Minor Progress

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou MMA
    The Trib: Former MU wrestler Woodley gets MMA title shot


  • My Favorites
    The Braiser: Anthony Bourdain-Nigella Lawson TV Show: The Taste
  • I Want To Like You, Neymar, But I Can't
    Dirty Tackle: Neymar produces the most blatant dive of 2012