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Mizzou Links, 7-19-12

July 17, 2012; Hoover, AL, USA;  Missouri Tigers cornerback E.J. Gaines talks to reporters at the 2012 SEC media days press conference at the Wynfrey Hotel.   Mandatory Credit: Kelly Lambert-US PRESSWIRE
July 17, 2012; Hoover, AL, USA; Missouri Tigers cornerback E.J. Gaines talks to reporters at the 2012 SEC media days press conference at the Wynfrey Hotel. Mandatory Credit: Kelly Lambert-US PRESSWIRE

When I got back from New York a couple of weeks ago, I was almost uneasy. My last few trips had almost gone too well. No delays, no turbulent flights. And on the last flight we actually landed just early enough for me to catch the MoEx man a couple of hours earlier than I was scheduled. It was incredible. But I knew an iffy trip was coming, and … I'm hoping yesterday spent some of whatever bad travel karma I had saved up. After experiencing an hourlong "We're Delta" delay in St. Louis on the way out, we got a similar 30-minute delay yesterday. That delay evidently assured us of not being able to get out of town before a monster thunderstorm hit New York. (Don't believe me? Believe Dhani Jones.) We were stuck on the tarmac for three hours then were forced to go back to the gate for an hour to refuel. We taxied back out to the tarmac, waited in a long line, and got in the air about five and a half hours after originally scheduled.

This wasn't an abject disaster, obviously -- I still caught MoEx home (got to bed around midnight last night), I didn't have a flight canceled, I didn't end up spending an extra night in Queens or something (and I wasn't caught in an outright tornado like one Mr. RPT), but still … hopefully that cleaned the slate for me to start having good trips again next time.

Because that's how it works, right?

(And yes, I did see the "Welcome to the Family, Mizzou" billboard the SEC purchased on the way into Columbia. Nice.)

Here's how this links post will work: right now, we'll keep things specific to Mizzou as it pertains to SEC Media Days. In a few hours, I'll post another link dump that talks about the schools that went yesterday as part of Day Two. That can also serve as a bit of a live thread for Day Three because oh my God, Pawwwwl, Nick Saban's in the house today.

Mizzou Football Links

  • More Thoughts From SEC Media Days, Day One
    The Trib: At SEC Media Days, Tigers tackle questions, doubts
    KC Star: MU players, Pinkel discuss SEC
    KC Star: Mizzou will wait before getting SEC's full flavor
    KC Star: SEC Media Days buzz | Day One
    Post-Dispatch: Mizzou gets good look at 'serious' SEC
    Post-Dispatch: How many games will Tigers win in SEC debut?
    Fox Sports MW: Mizzou will learn nothing comes small in SEC
    Saturday Blitz: SEC Newcomers Missouri, Texas A&M Bring Mystery, Intrigue
    Mizzou Network: 1-on-1 with Post-Dispatch's Vahe Gregorian
    We Are Mizzou: SEC Media Day: Behind the Scenes
  • Freshmen
    KC Star: MU notebook: DGB-led freshman class makes impression

    "Well, if LeBron James lost about 40 pounds, that’s what he’d look like," said senior receiver T.J. Moe. "He does things you don’t see people that big do. He’s 6-foot-6, 220 pounds…he’ll run by somebody, they can’ catch him, and you’ll think the guy overthrew him and he’ll go up and get the ball. He can do things like that that’s really not very common." […]

    But DGB isn’t the only freshman making an impression so far. Left tackle Elvis Fisher said this freshman group, as a whole, is one of the hardest working groups he’s ever seen. […]

    Fisher said former Lee’s Summit West offensive lineman Evan Boehm has shown good footwork and strength, and praised tight end Sean Culkin’s athleticism. He said Staley running back Morgan Steward is a pretty strong kid – he noted that Steward has already tested as "SEC-standard" in the hang clean in MU’s offseason weight program, which is no small feat. […]

    Moe also listed a number of freshmen that have caught his eye.

    "Sean Culkin, he’s a tight end, a guy that I think can help us this year," Moe said. "(Receiver) Levi Copelin, Evan Boehm has caught my eye. (Running back) Russell Hansbrough –he reminds me of Henry (Josey) a little bit – little, compact and fast.

    "Mike Scherer the linebacker," Moe continued. "(John) Gibson, the kid from Texas, he reminds me of E.J. Gaines when he was a freshman, the plays he’s been making out there. I think he’ll be good, too. I’m probably missing one or two, but those are the guys I’m seeing right now."

  • Moe
    The Trib: More Moe: Missouri's senior receiver stole the show at SEC Media Days

    Q: Lots of people around the country and people here for Media Days have opinions on how Missouri is going to fit into the SEC. But nobody knows this team better than the players and coaches. What do you know about this team that the rest of us don’t?

    A: I know the special talents these guys have. I know how mature James is, even compared to last year. I know how hard this team is working compared to last year. I understand how mature guys are. When we went into camp last year, (defensive end) Jacquies Smith said it over and over again, "Guys, grow up. Grow up." People didn’t know what that means.

    This year, at the beginning of summer camp, Will Ebner and I said, "We need to talk to these guys." We called a meeting right at the beginning of the summer, Coach (Pat) Ivey got the guys together in the locker room and we talked for a while. I told them, "Guys, stuff is going to be different this year. We’re going to be a mature team. We’re going to be disciplined. We’re going to come in and do exactly what we’re supposed to do. Everybody’s going to finish every drill. Everybody’s going to do extra."

    Everyone wants to be good, and it’s because everybody likes each other. There’s not a single guy on this team who I can say, "He’s selfish." And I can’t say that about some of the teams in the past. There’s always a few guys who you can say, "He’s selfish. He’s out here for himself." Sometimes you get that with juco guys, but Sheldon (Richardson) is not like that. He cares about me. When you have guys who care about everybody else on the team, that’s when you have a disciplined football team. That’s when you have a guy who will hold a gap inside so (the opponent) bounces outside and somebody else can make the tackle. That’s when you know you have a disciplined team. I think we have that this year.

    Mizzou Network: 1-on-1 with T.J. Moe
  • Elvis
    Mizzou Network: 1-on-1 with Elvis Fisher
  • E.J. (SEC Blog): VIDEO: Missouri's E.J. Gaines
  • DISRESPECT!!!1!!! Chronicles
    Senator Blutarsky: SEC, Missouri grows bored with your petty questioning
    The Trib: Auburn coach says Missouri, Texas A&M 'dang good'
    The Trib: Miles: Learning curve for MU, A&M
    KC Star: SEC Buzz: Chizik praises MU, A&M
    Post-Dispatch: LSU's Miles changes tone on Mizzou, Texas A&M
    Mr. SEC: UF's Muschamp Says Mizzou, A&M Questions Are Overblown
    Mizzou Network: Chizik impressed with Mizzou
More links after the jump, including a check-in with Ricardo Ratliffe.

Other Football Links

  • Playoffs
    SB Nation: ESPN Could Score Entire College Football Playoffs System
  • Rules Changes
    The Trib: Shaw: Rule changes to protect players

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • 'Cardo
    Fox Sports MW: Ex-Mizzou man Ratliffe finding path to NBA
  • Europe Mizzou Back To Practice July 23, Prepare For European Tour

Other Mizzou Links

  • Awkward
    Big 12 Sports: Missouri Athlete of the Year Nominees
  • Mizzou Golf Mizzou Women's Golfers See Success This Week