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Mizzou Links, 7-23-12

Matt Hoch (No. 89) has had himself one hell of an offseason.
Matt Hoch (No. 89) has had himself one hell of an offseason.

Mizzou Football Links

Five thoughts on the preseason depth chart Dave Matter shared below:

1. The receivers have put on some weight. Jimmie Hunt is now 215 pounds, Marcus Lucas is 215, L'Damian Washington is 195 (soaking wet, I'm sure), Jaleel Clark (who spent some time at tight end in spring) is 220, and Bud Sasser (who is still listed as tight end) is 220.

2. Matt Hoch did indeed surpass Lucas Vincent. Hoch has quickly moved to 290 pounds and has apparently turned into a serious overachiever. I was pleased with everything I'd seen from Vincent (pre-injury, anyway), so if Hoch overtook Vincent, and Vincent wasn't slacking, that's great.

3. Jimmie Hunt vs. Gahn McGaffie will be one of the most interesting battles of August. I've kind of just assumed Hunt would surpass McGaffie by now, simply because of upside, but McGaffie had a lovely spring, and I get the impression Hunt just hasn't been consistent enough to constantly see the field. We'll see what's changed between April and August.

4. I'm still really happy about the spring Mitch Morse had. One of our biggest spring questions was who would win the starting guard spot opposite right guard Jack Meiners. But Morse had such a good spring at center that Travis Ruth was able to set up shop at left guard. Problem solved.

5. Still some playing time available for young safeties. Kenronte Walker and Braylon Webb are locked in as first-string safeties, but sophomore Daniel Easterly has moved up to second string. Ian Simon, who had a good spring, is back behind Matt White and on the third string, alongside Cortland Browning.

And a bonus thought: I like this team quite a bit. I'm still shaky about the safeties and defensive tackle position (having three quality DTs is better than two ... but it's not, you know, five). But the depth here is pretty nice. Hopefully injuries don't test said depth quite as much in the next 12 months as it did in the last 12 months.

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