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Mizzou Links, 7-25-12

If Marcus Murphy turns out to be as good as he looked in the 2011 spring game, the ceiling for Mizzou's offense gets a lot higher.
If Marcus Murphy turns out to be as good as he looked in the 2011 spring game, the ceiling for Mizzou's offense gets a lot higher.

Gotta love the nights where Rally Baby just randomly decides, "You know, I'm tired, but ... nah, I don't feel like going to sleep." Everything else unfolded according to pattern yesterday, but she decided to stay up a couple of extra hours. So if I trail off in the middle of this post -- like I did taking notes in class one time my freshman year ("On June 28, 1914, Arrchduke Franzzz Ferdnfnd was assassinsatttttttteed||||||||||||>>>>>D.....................") -- I apologize.

Mizzou Football Links

We really liked the job Trib's David Briggs did before taking a job in Ohio, but I've got to say ... new hire Ross Dellenger has been doing excellent work as well. His two stadium upgrade pieces below are very well-done.

  • Stadium Upgrades
    The Trib: Stadium project could be on fast track
    The Trib: $200 million questions
  • September 8
    The Trib (Dave Matter): "GameDay" bound for A&M or Missouri?
  • Gabs
    Washington Post: NFL 2012: Jaguars tweak QB Blaine Gabbert's mechanics, expect 'significant progress' in 2012

It's been a quiet couple of months in football recruiting, but we kind of expected that. The next domino to fall could come in a couple of days, however, when we find out if Fenton linebacker Joe Beisel will join Nick Ramirez and Joe Burkett as Mizzou LBs or head elsewhere. Sounds like those in the know think Mizzou has a good chance. We'll see.

Oh, and ... we agree, T.J. I still think Marcus Murphy might have been the best player in the 2011 spring game. Can't wait to see him.

Other Football Links

  • Big 12 Media Days
  • Pac 12 Media Days
    Coug Center: Mike Leach Talks Hunting, Generals And A Little Bit Of Football
  • Football Porn
    Smart Football: Spread Punt Formation: Theory and Practice

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Practice Mizzou Pre-Europe Practice Photo Gallery Mizzou Basketball Pre-Europe Practice 3 Workout
  • We Love Children's Hospital! Mizzou Basketball Spends Weekend With MU Children's Hospital
  • Schedule Drama!
    CBS Sports: SEC coaches surprised when league schedule doesn't match what was previously discussed
  • Kimmeh
    YouTube: Mix: Kim English 2012 Summer League Highlights

Other Basketball Links

  • Since It's Now Our Favorite Game And All...
    The Dagger: Mississippi State and Loyola will commemorate 50th anniversary of Game of Change

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

  • 2013 Recruiting 2013 Mizzou Baseball Recruit: OF Jordan Getzelman

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Women's Golf Coyle Wins Missouri Mid-Am Championship


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