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Mizzou Moves To The SEC: Community Roundtable And Podcast

Tuesday: If South Carolina Can Make It There...
Wednesday: The Garnet Army And Owning The YMCA

Alright, we're doubling up here: we're combining what I had intended to be a community roundtable with the first of two Closers podcasts. It's like synergy or something.

First, here are three South Carolina-related questions for you to answer:

  1. It took 18 years for South Carolina to reach the SEC title game. On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that it will take Missouri fewer than 18 years to do the same? (1 = least confident, 10 = most)

  2. What do you feel is South Carolina's basketball ceiling now that Frank Martin is the head coach? Do you think he can succeed at the same level that he did at Kansas State? Did you think he was ever going to reach the same heights at KSU without Jacob Pullen anyway?

  3. On your "To Visit" list in the SEC East, where does The Other Columbia rank among Athens, Gainesville, Nashville, Knoxville, and Lexington?

Next, here's the podcast version of The Closers' interview yesterday with Scott Hood of (Follow him on Twitter here.) Enjoy!

Oh, and I'll be on The Closers today at 5:00 p.m. CT if anyone's interested. Listen live here.