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Mizzou Links, 7-26-12

You're going to be 100%, right, QB No. 1? (Photo via Bill Carter)
You're going to be 100%, right, QB No. 1? (Photo via Bill Carter)

Hello, rain! (And thunder, which spooked my dog 30 minutes before the alarm went off.)

Mizzou Football Links

Granted, it came a week or so earlier than I anticipated in the countdown, but you should absolutely give my friend Paul Myerberg's Missouri write-up a read. As he explains, he slid Mizzou in at No. 44 as a way to hedge his bets in case James Franklin is less than 100%; and though the recent progress reports have been strong, we still probably shouldn't assume he will be 100% until he is. Myerberg is also a little wary of the secondary, which is legitimate, though I'm not sure how SEC offenses would take more advantage of that than Big 12 offenses did last year. (Then again, Mizzou at least had Kenji Jackson in 2011.)

And yeah, the "Dream Season" is still a little mean, a la the 2010 season (replacing Texas Tech with Tennessee).

  • 2012
    Pre-Snap Read: No. 44 Missouri

    How many F.B.S. programs have won at least eight games in each of the last six years? I’ll give you a hint: Missouri is one. There are eight others: Boise State, L.S.U., Oklahoma, T.C.U., U.S.C., Utah, Virginia Tech and West Virginia. Say that list aloud and then add Missouri on the end. You could make the case – not that you would, but you could – that Texas A&M earned a spot in the SEC based on its history and potential; Missouri, on the other hand, earned a place at the table by reinventing itself as a national contender.

    Dream season The Tigers make themselves known by knocking off Georgia and South Carolina, locking up the SEC East title. While Missouri loses two games in conference play, to Alabama at home and to Tennessee on the road, it heads into the conference title game at 10-2, 6-2 in the SEC. Just for old time’s sake, let’s say that Nebraska goes 5-7 — old habits die hard at Missouri.

    Nightmare season In late August, Pinkel announces that Franklin won’t be ready for the season. In addition, the Tigers suffer several key injuries along the front seven. This leads to an inauspicious SEC debut: 4-8, 2-6 in conference play.

  • QBs
    KBIA Sports: Quarterbacks are and will be the future for Mizzou
  • Eggo
    South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Miami Dolphins agree on deal with Michael Egnew

Other Football Links

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • More On Denmon
    The Trib: Denmon signs with French team Elan Chalon


  • Well ... Yeah
    Post-Dispatch: SEC athletics excellence extends beyond football
  • SEC Baseball SxSE: Texas A&M Aggie Baseball 1894-2012

Other Mizzou Links

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