Rock M Roll Call 2012

Need a description? Let's go to the quote within a quote within a quote system of explanations from our previous three roll calls, or as it is known in the film industry, "Inception."

It's once again time for us to take count of the RMN community and welcome in any lurking readers. Please join us in participating in the 2010 Rock M Roll Call. What exactly is the Rock M Roll Call? Here's what I had to say last year (and the year before that!):

It's back again. It's like the census, but annual and more awesome.

It's the Rock M Roll Call.

If you aren't familiar with the Rock M Roll Call, here's what I had to say about it last year:

This is something I've wanted to do for awhile, but with football season inching closer, I figured it's time to take the first official Rock M Roll Call.

At its core, the roll call is simply a way for everyone here on RMN to introduce themselves and establish some sense of who they are, where they're from, and their affiliation to the University of Missouri. For an idea of what we're shooting for, check out what Double T Nation did early in July.

Whether you joined Rock M from its first day last October or are brand spankin' new to the RMN community, join us in the comments and give us a little insight about who you are when it comes to Mizzou fandom.

In addition, to get this post to stick at the top of the FanPosts throughout the [early part of the] season, everyone please take the time to click the "Rec" button below the text to recommend this post. Hopefully, this will entice every RMN member to join in the Roll Call.

As always, we request that every single person who reads RMN please respond, including both frequent posters and lurkers. It's always interesting to see where we all come from as a group. Here's this year's list of questions:

  1. What is your connection to the University of Missouri? Alum? Student? Raised as a fan? Randomly adopted Mizzou?
  2. Where were you born and raised and where do you currently reside?
  3. How did you find and begin to read Rock M Nation?
  4. If you attended Mizzou, what years were you there and what was your Revenue Sports Record as a student? (Click here for football records and click here for basketball records, add together for RSR).
  5. What was the very first Mizzou sporting event you attended? Tell us something specific about that particular event (leading scorer for basketball, first scoring play for football, starting pitcher's WHIP for trripleplay, most vivid memory, etc.).

FanPosts may be posted by any RMN member and may not reflect the views of the management staff of Rock M Nation or SB Nation.