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Rock M Roundtable

Believe it or not, it's Tennessee Week! The Beef's All Sports report is coming up tomorrow (and ZD's basketball piece is coming in the basketball preseason), but the SBN previews have obliterated me this week, and I'm hoping to get to the football piece on Friday. Regardless, let's talk Tennessee!

First, The Closers talked to Will Shelton of Rocky Top Talk on Monday. Have a listen!

Now, to some Tennessee questions. Answer in comments!

1. Here's my Tennessee football preview for SBN. How good can a team that a) wasn't very good last year but b) returns almost everybody be the next year?

2. Alright, same question I've been asking: where does Knoxville rank on your To Visit list (East opponents only)?

3. Cuonzo Martin is leading the way for Tennessee basketball. A) Where did he rank on your New Coach priority list during Mizzou's last coaching search, and B) how far do you think he can take the Vols during his stay in Knoxville (i.e. SEC title, deep NCAA Tournament run, etc.)?

4. Since we're talking about the home state of the Grand Ole Opry, give me your favorite Country Music Hall of Fame inductee.