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Karma Thread 2012: It Is Time.

You also don't want to post one of these without good reason ... but I would call a third potentially bad injury to a good Mizzou offensive lineman reason enough for me. No need to play things conservatively, so here we go.

You know the rules by now. It's time to appease the God of Sports Karma. DO IT FOR YOUR UNIVERSITY. And since Mizzou is attempting to raise its game in its new conference, we must do the same.

For the site newcomers, here's where the bar has been set. (Warning: clicking on these links will make three hours of your life disappear. Such incredible work.)

2010 Karma Thread
2011 Karma Thread

My confessions are below. As always … PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ME HANGING.

1. I'm almost positive that I like the new Rihanna album much, much more than my wife does.

2. I don't hate Barney anymore, and I actually hum along to a couple of Wiggles songs.

3. I have talked myself into 7-5 being a good season for Mizzou this year.

4. I went gluten-free last week. Not very Burnt End Nation of me. (Though, technically, burnt ends are still allowed.)

Your turn. GO.