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Mizzou Links, 8-6-12

There T.J. Moe is, sitting next to DGB at Fan Day ... there he is again, talking to John Gibson in the Gibson video ... is it possible to take <em>every</em> freshman under your wing? (Photo via Bill Carter.)
There T.J. Moe is, sitting next to DGB at Fan Day ... there he is again, talking to John Gibson in the Gibson video ... is it possible to take every freshman under your wing? (Photo via Bill Carter.)

(No caption-of-the-year posts this week, by the way. SleepyFloyd7 is on vacation. And as soon as I figure out what "vacation" means, this will make a lot more sense.)

Mizzou Football Links

Honestly, I really like the new "You can only talk to the freshmen once during camp" policy that Gary Pinkel and company are implementing this year. Occasionally a good quote like T.J. Moe or Lorenzo Williams comes around, but most of the time you're just getting boilerplate "best I can be" or "team, teammates, team, part of the team, love my teammates" answers. Yesterday at Fan Day, media got their lone shot at DGB freshmen, and things seemed to stick to the script for the most part. (Though the "anything deep" answer was pretty good.) Now, it's back to watching the narrative take shape based on what happens in practice.

  • Mizzou DGB Fan Day (Okay, It Was Really DGB Day)

    Green-Beckham said he's comfortable playing either the outside or inside receiver positions and figures it'll help his cause to learn each one. He talked a lot about the challenge of learning Missouri's playbook and said has spent as many as four hours a night studying the formations and routes and walking through them with teammates.

    His favorite route? "Pretty much anything deep really," he said. "Anything deep."

    When 3:45 came and hordes of people descended on Faurot Field for Fan Day, Green-Beckham found himself under a tent squished between senior captains Elvis Fisher and T.J. Moe. I'll touch on this in tomorrow's paper, but after being a celebrity in Springfield the last few years, Green-Beckham seems relieved to be just one of the guys around his teammates. And they seem genuinely struck how normal he is. "You come in and he's exactly what you want in a teammate," freshman tight end Sean Culkin said. "He's humble. He's got your back in anything. It's not like he acts like a ... he's just what a good teammate should be. And that's what Dorial is."

    The Trib (Dave Matter): Green-Beckham's route of choice? "Anything deep."
    The Missourian: Missouri's Green-Beckham adjusting to playing in college
    KC Star: Dorial Green-Beckham expected to make impact for MU
    Post-Dispatch: 'DGB' makes his debut for Mizzou fans
    Fox Sports MW (AP): Green-Beckham getting settled in at Missouri
  • Okay, There Was One Fan Day Article...
    The Missourian: At Missouri Football Fan Day, supporters eager for inaugural SEC season
  • Woody!
    PowerMizzou: Where Are They Now: Woody Widenhofer
  • Alumni
    My Southlake News: Southlake Carroll Dragon Alumni Spotlight: Chase Daniel
    Big Cat Country: Blaine Gabbert, Rashad Jennings Shine In Jaguars Scrimmage
  • Say Cheese...
    We Are Mizzou: Mizzou Photo Shoot
  • Freshmen
    The Trib: Freshmen talk, we listen
    We Are Mizzou: John Gibson
    We Are Mizzou: John Gibson Mic'd Up

Other Football Links

Mizzou Basketball Links

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Cantwell
    The Trib: Columbia's Cantwell falls just short of second Olympic medal, settles for fourth in shot put
    KC Star: Cantwell's Olympic ride ends with near miss
    Post-Dispatch: Cantwell misses bronze by an inch in shot put
    Augusta Chronicle: Reese Hoffa can reflect on his career with pride
    L.A. Times: Shotputter keeps U.S. streak alive with a bronze
  • Mizzou Soccer Mizzou Soccer to Appear on TV Twice in 2012
  • Mizzou Women's Golf Women's Golf Continues to Shine This Summer
  • Olympic Boom (Not Really Mizzou-Specific)
    The Missourian: Columbia gymnastics clubs prepare for 'Olympic boom'