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Mizzou Links, 8-7-12

Your mission, Justin Blackmon: make Blaine Gabbert's life easier.
Your mission, Justin Blackmon: make Blaine Gabbert's life easier.

Once again we break out the practice links into their own post, but we'll go with the regular links post first this time...

Mizzou Football Links

  • SEC! SEC!
    Fox Sports MW: Pinkel anticipates excitement, pressure of SEC

    James Franklin smiles as he talks. He knows Missouri must preserve its identity.

    "We've got a lot of questions like, ‘Hey, we're a spread-offense team, but are we going to switch to the Power-I once we're in the SEC?' I think the challenge for (coaches) is going to try to remain the same as a spread offense – and on defense, keep doing their defensive schemes," Franklin says. "But for the most part, (the challenge is) staying the same of how we have been and making adjustments accordingly."

    Senior wide receiver T.J. Moe considers Pinkel ready for the task. An O'Fallon, Mo., native, he grew up a Tigers fan and followed the program's rise under the coach. Missouri had one season of at least eight victories in Pinkel's first five years in the Big 12, before beginning a streak of six consecutive campaigns with at least eight triumphs. Consider: LSU, Oklahoma, USC, Virginia Tech and West Virginia are the only other programs in BCS automatic-qualifying conferences to match the feat.

    Moe says the coach's steady demeanor will continue in the SEC. Evolution has been part of life under Pinkel, and the reputation could extend with a new conference home.

    "He has built this program from the ground up," Moe says. "He has stayed pretty consistent. We always evolve and do things as we learn to get better. … I wouldn't say he has changed in any which way."

  • Champions Bowl
    SB Nation: Champions Bowl Proposals Requested From 10 Cities, Including 1 In Arizona
  • Gabs
    Post-Dispatch: St. Louisan Gabbert leads 'not very good' Jags attack
    Big Cat Country: Justin Blackmon Agrees To Terms With Jaguars, According To Report
    Big Cat Country: Blaine Gabbert Most Improved Jaguars Offensive Player, Says Bob Bratkowski

Other Football Links

  • TV (Andy Staples): How TV sparked college football realignment, playoff, networks
  • The Tessitore Effect Moves To Saturdays
    SB Nation: Joe Tessitore Escapes Friday Night, Encounters Matt Millen (Stewart Mandel): Joe Tessitore becoming voice of college football, upset by upset

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Atlantis: Good
    SB Nation: Ranking College Basketball's Best Early Season Tournaments For 2012-13




  • Nice Summary From The Basketball Side Of The Ledger
    Ken Pomeroy: The modern history of realignment

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

  • Everything Gets Resurfaced! Simmons Field at Taylor Stadium Gets Resurfaced

I know I've linked to a lot of trripleplay's work lately when, in attempting to type out that link above, I accidentally typed "SimmonsField at Taylor Stadium Gets Resurfaced" like three times in a row before getting it right.

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball Tigers Picked to Finish Fourth in SEC East in 2012
    The Trib: Volleyball picked 4th in the SEC East


    SB Nation: VIDEO: Alex Morgan's Goal Puts U.S. Women in Gold Medal Match
    Pro Soccer Talk: Ahem, we need to talk about that awful call in U.S.-Canada Olympic classic
  • Bolt
    Joe Posnanski: Champion. Legend. Mystery.