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Mizzou Links, 9-10-12

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Sheldon Richardson wrecked shop in the first half, limped around in the second, and apologized to Mark Richt after the game.
Sheldon Richardson wrecked shop in the first half, limped around in the second, and apologized to Mark Richt after the game.

Mizzou Football Links

You never want to see "Knoblauching" as a verb associated in any way with your team. It probably means you didn't win. But hey, some Mizzou alums looked great in the NFL yesterday ... so there's that...

  • Georgia
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Emptying the Notebook: Rude Awakening

    Heartbreaking for Elvis Fisher to suffer an injury. It's unclear how long he'll be out with what was only described as "MCL concerns." It was his right knee, not the one in which he tore the patellar tendon before the 2011 season. The ugly truth is Fisher wasn't moving very well the last two weeks and the pass blocking got better in the second half. Fisher had an ankle injury midway through preseason camp and hadn't seemed as agile the last two weeks. He showed flashes of progress in camp and obviously worked like a madman to get back in condition to play after last August's knee injury. But he hasn't been the same player who stonewalled Adrian Clayborn in the 2010 Insight Bowl. Maybe it was unrealistic to expect him to play at 100 percent this fall.

    To make matters worse, Mitch Morse was Chuck Knoblauching his shotgun snaps in the first half, something the Tigers couldn't afford with a lethal pass rush across the line of scrimmage. I'll stop short of calling Fisher's injury a blessing in disguise because his comeback was an inspiring story from this team, but Morse seemed better suited at right tackle and backup center Brad McNulty was much better snapping the ball. UGA's Jones turnstiled MU's tackles early, but Morse's cut blocking kept him at bay for a while. Once Fisher left the game, Missouri's offensive line consisted of only two players projected as starters before the season and both were playing out of position, Justin Britt at left tackle and Morse at right tackle.

    If and when Jack Meiners returns this week for Arizona State, he could move to right tackle, keeping Britt at left tackle. That would leave MU with Evan Boehm and Max Copeland at the guards and either Morse or McNulty at center. Or Meiners could play guard, Morse and Britt handle the tackle positions, McNulty stay at center and either Boehm or Copeland head to the bench. What a mess.

    Post-Dispatch: Deflating debut for Mizzou
  • Good For You, Sheldon Sheldon Richardson apologizing to UGA coach Mark Richt after the game
  • Grandpa Got Around
    Post-Dispatch: SEC's Slive is kept hopping
  • Gabs
    USA Today: Blaine Gabbert better, but Jaguars fall to Vikings in OT
    Big Cat Country: NFL Week 1 Delivers Interceptions, Jaguars' Gabbert Doesn't
    Big Cat Country: Jaguars Injury Report: 3 OLinemen Leave in Walking Boots
  • Mizzou/NFL Highlights Jeremy Maclin 18-yard TD Jeremy Maclin 46-yard Reception Blaine Gabbert to Marcedes Lewis, 1-yard TD William Moore picks off Matt Cassell

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Jonathan Williams III takes Mizzou official visit

Mizzou Volleyball Links

  • Mizzou 3, Valparaiso 0 Tigers Sweep Valparaiso in MSU Challenge Opener
  • Morehead State 3, Mizzou 2 Mizzou Drops Tough Five-Setter at Morehead State
    The Trib (Ross Dellenger): Explaining volleyball's loss to Morehead State (UT up next)
  • Mizzou 3, Savannah State Mizzou Rebounds to Sweep Savannah State
  • The Trib: Hayes digging new role for MU volleyball

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

  • SEC SEC Fan's Guide to Mizzou Baseball: Mizzou Assistant Coaches

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Cross Country Cross Country Season Preview: Freshman Women