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Mizzou Links, 9-12-12

Photo via Bill Carter.
Photo via Bill Carter.

Mizzou Football Links

So it appears Mizzou has finally broken through in Georgia. After sending out a ton of offers to 2013 recruits from the land of peaches, Mizzou got one to take the bait and commit to the Tigers this week. His name: Donovahn Jones, a three-star "athlete" who plays quarterback for his high school and will play receiver for Mizzou. He doesn't have much footage on YouTube, but you can find a little from his sophomore season here. He is now listed at 6'2, 190; here's his profile. Welcome to the family, Donovahn!

  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Jones talks commitment

    On Saturday night, Jones watched Missouri host Georgia in the Tigers' first SEC conference game. Unlike some fans, he didn't walk away remembering the 41-20 scoreline. Instead, Missouri's ability to hang with Georgia and take a lead in the third made him think back to the summer.

    "The Georgia game, that made me go ahead and make the decision," Jones said. "I really enjoyed watching them play. I can see me making plays for them."

    Jones is being recruited as a wide receiver for Missouri, although he plays quarterback in Dutchtown's option attack. He said he saw Missouri's willingness to attack a defense like Georgia's through the air, and that made him believe he could play a big role at Missouri in the future.

    The Trib (Dave Matter): Georgia QB picks Missouri to play receiver
    KC Star: MU lands three-star athlete from Georgia on heels of SEC debut
    PowerMizzou: PMTV: A.J. Logan in action
  • Game Week
    The Trib (Dave Matter): James Franklin keeping Arizona State 'up all night'

    "You can tell he really understands the system and knows it well. [They have] very, very fast receivers," he said. "They hit two big-time plays against Georgia. They are very, very explosive. They remind me a lot of how explosive Oregon is when you watch Oregon on film."

    Graham has already watched a lot of film of Missouri's first two games. He broke it down to reporters Monday.

    "I think they ran 143 or 147 snaps and almost half of them were no-back," he said. "That’s interesting. They ran the ball sixty-something times and threw it 73. We have been going through that stuff and looking at it. It is really a challenge. They have really great skilled players."

    PowerMizzou: Tuesday Tiger Notebook
    KC Star: Arizona State coach leery of Missouri's offense
  • Last Week
    Mizzou Network: 1 on 1 with L'Damian Washington
    PowerMizzou: Tuesday's Top Tigers
    SB Nation (Spencer Hall): The Alphabetical, Week 2: The Week Of The Bulldog
    Outkick the Coverage: Dixieland Delight: Missouri (Part One)
    KC Star: MU film room | Observations from Mizzou's 41-20 loss to Georgia

    *On Missouri’s first fumble of the game – the bad exchange between Franklin and Kendial Lawrence on the zone-read option – I wonder if Franklin was spooked by star defensive end Jarvis Jones, who was purposely left unblocked but positioned himself perfectly. Jones looked primed to tackle Lawrence for a loss, and seeing this, Franklin may have decided to pull the ball back at the last minute. […]

    *I’m sure you’re tired of hearing of Jones by now, but it must again be stated that he had a heck of a game. Jones routinely blew past Missouri’s offensive tackles in the first half (though I’m told Fisher graded out the highest of any lineman before he got hurt), and made the sack/strip of Franklin in the fourth quarter when Georgia was only rushing three guys. That should never happen, but Jones is clearly a special talent. He routinely made tackles when he was purposely left unblocked on zone-read plays and showed pass-rush and coverage skills. His five quarterback hurries equaled as many as Missouri’s entire team had Saturday, as Georgia finished with nine to Missouri’s five.

    The Missourian: A collection of Georgia fan reaction to Columbia
    Post-Dispatch (Jeff Gordon): It could be worse, Mizzou fans
  • Yet Another L'Damian Washington Article Worth Reading
    Post-Dispatch: Band of brothers share Washington's big moment

    Washington was diligent about everything from putting on weight — he's now 195 — to improving his blocking to learning the playbook. But he also initially was distracted and tempted to go back home to help care for his youngest brother, Tomarious. It took time to convince him that the best way to help them all was to stay with school and football.

    "It always takes guys a certain amount of time (to adjust to college), but he just had way more things outside of the University of Missouri football team than the average guy has," receivers coach Andy Hill said. "He does not have what the normal guy has."

    When their mother died, La Courtney Washington said he cried for perhaps "three months straight" and lost 25 pounds.

    He had to forgo his own plans to play football at Louisiana Tech, he said, and pour himself into basic survival issues, such as learning to cook, opening a bank account and buying school supplies.

    The brothers Washington also had to fend off movements to put them in foster homes or split them up among other relatives, he said.

  • "It's the stupidest rule ever put into college football. My quarterback leaves the game one more time because his helmet is ripped off, I'm going to lose it."
    The Trib: Tigers not fans of NCAA's helmet rule
  • Not Going To Lie: I Hated This Uniform Combination In The Spring ... And I Really Liked It By The Second Quarter Last Weekend
    We Are Mizzou: Mizzou Equipment Decals Helmets

Other Football Links

  • Football Porn, Etc.
    Smart Football: Why Nick Saban Doesn't Tech Backpedaling

Basketball Links

Other Mizzou Links

Huge match for Mizzou volleyball tonight...

  • Mizzou Volleyball
    The Missourian: Missouri prepares for Tennessee
    Mizzou Network: 1 on 1 with Whitney Little
    The Trib: Missouri's Little earns SEC honor
  • Mizzou Soccer
    The Maneater: Blitz: Diggs to return from injury in SEC opener
  • Mizzou Women's Golf Women's Golf Off to a Strong Start During Fall Season
  • Mizzou Tennis Pair of Tigers to Play in Riviera/ITA Women's All-America Championships


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